Monday, 13 May 2013

A reluctant announcement.

Dear Streetfighters readers,

It’s our gut-wrenchingly sad duty to inform you that Streetfighters Magazine has become another victim of the recession, so the June issue (#232) was the last to be published in the form you’ve come to expect.

However, you don’t get shot of us quite that easily, because Streetfighters will be returning to the ample bosom from whence it came and continue as a 32-page supplement inside our sister custom bike title, Back Street Heroes, starting with the July issue (BSH #351) which goes on sale at the beginning of June. Inside you'll find the best high performance custom machines, hand-picked for publication, to whet your whistles like only Streetfighters Mag can.

All subscribers will be receiving separate correspondence relating to their options as far as their subs go – where you can either switch your sub to BSH, or request a refund for the remaining balance of your subscription.

FighterFest UK will be going ahead as planned, and Streetfighters merchandise will be available as normal from G&J Merchandise via the magazine website.

All of us at SF Towers, past and present, want to thank our loyal readers, contributors, industry colleagues and friends for their continued support over the last twenty-two years. We'll no doubt see you all on the road at some point in the future – and, of course, at FighterFest UK in September.

The Streetfighters Crew

Thursday, 25 April 2013

SF 232 to subscribers today!

Streetfighters #232 should be arriving with subscribers today.

Cover and spread for this issue is dominated by Colin’s awesome twin turbo GS1000S. This sublime machine retains the oldskool GS look, but brings it bang up to date with modern chassis parts, futuristic styling details and a very healthy 250bhp at the wheel.

We’ve also got a very rare – in fact, unique – Martek beam-framed Ducati, built not for a customer but as Martek Mark’s own personal runabout, plus a striking café racer BMW R100, Icon’s mentalist ‘Low Down & Shifty’ XS650 project and a frankly rather awesome TL1000R built by Roman at Full Of Hate, finished to his usual stratospheric standards and which showcases his first custom-made FOH frame.

We’ve also grabbed top stunt rider Lee ‘Pacman’ Bowers and got the lowdown on all the modifications he’s made to his stunt bike, in the latest in our technical ‘Anatomy Of…’ series, and backed that up with Gary’s minimalist FireBlade, an unusual choice of donor in Rich’s ZX-9R fighter, and a rather out-of-the-ordinary Fanmail Focus featurette from Streetfighters Cheshire MCC.

With news updates on all the best events this summer, including the Farmyard Party, Pendine LRC and of course the revised, bigger-and-better-than-ever FighterFest UK, plus new product information and evaluations, illustrations from Andy Sparrow and Vizman, pervert badgers, Fanmail, Project Bike updates and Holly Peers wearing hardly any clothes, we’re pretty pleased with this one. In shops next Thursday 2nd May.  

Thursday, 28 March 2013

SF231 out to subscribers now! (ish)

It’s the one we’ve all been waiting for. Finally we’ve managed to get the multi-award winning GSX-R 1000-based special ‘Cedzior,’ top photographer Rob Irving, and professional fit burd and Superbike TV presenter Jess Impiazzi into the same room at the same time. We locked them in with a grossly inadequate amount of clothing and told them they weren’t coming out without a truly stunning set of pics. After a couple of hours, this was the result.

Cedzior features a breathed-on GSX-R 1000 engine in a hand-built frame, with plenty of unique details including the belt drive conversion, twin nitrous bottle feeds under the tailpiece and a frankly stunning level of attention to detail. It’s one of the most hotly anticipated spread bikes we’ve run in recent years.

Elsewhere in issue #232 Clink's got all the jibber jabber on Mr T's GSX, whilst we knuckle down with Dusty’s Germanic-style FireBlade and go flat out for a beautiful XS650 tracker. We get all worldly and international with a late model turbocharged R1 from Australia, an Italian dragbike-inspired custom Tuono, a South African Z900 and yet another awesome creation from serial US streetfighter builder, Full Of Hate.

We’ve got event coverage from Verona, a ProFile on Mick Butler and a fascinating addition to our ‘Anatomy Of…’ technical series. This feature rolls up its sleeves and delves, elbows-deep, into a dedicated Moto Gymkhana bike to find out precisely which modifications are made to get around the sport’s tight, technical courses in the quickest possible time. And we’ve got our usual choice blend of news, announcements, product reviews, illustrations and lots, lots more.

Subscribers should get their copies very soon, whilst the mag goes on sale next Thursday (04/04).

April the Fourth be with you. Er, no, hang on…

Monday, 11 March 2013

Moto Gymkhana vid

Here's a very cool Moto Gymkhana video from Japan.

We'll be having Moto Gymkhana and Drift-Khana demonstrations at FighterFest UK - all the info is at

Thursday, 7 March 2013

SF230 in shops today

Streetfighters #230 is in shops today. 

Go and buy it immediately and marvel at Aaron's turbo GSX-R with Chloe Goodman, plus a Skoal Bandit RG570 race replica, a Belarusian Minsk cafe racer, Bondy's Dukes Of Hazzard 1371 Bandit, a streetfightered Multistrada, Joe's home-made stainless frame wrapped around a Bandit 1200 lump and loads more. 

#230 is in shops now. 

Thursday, 28 February 2013

SF230 subs arrive today!

Today we are standing on the roof of SF Towers, cackling manically as we dispatch our army of freshly-printed magazines to all corners of the globe like little papery winged monkeys.

It’s our special ‘Chinese Dentist’ issue. SF Tooth Hurty features, on the cover, Aaron’s awesome stealth turbo GSX-R. This is a stunning piece of home-built high performance automotive art, light on frills and heavy on thrills, and so we’ve improved on it in the only way we could – with a liberal and delicious sprinkling of gorgeous top model; Chloe Goodman.

Inside you’ll find a stunning Bandit 1200 with a home-made frame, knocked up entirely by Joe from Scotland. We’ve got Dodge’s latest ‘Street Sleeper Streetfighter’ Hayabusa, with the whole story from the monowheeling maniac himself, plus a unique and mentalist GS750 from the Stateside streetfighter maestro Full Of Hate and even a lithe, big-bored RG500 Skoal Bandit from Gloucestershire.

We’ve also got Gary Bond’s ‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ Bandit, a quirky and very original HL500 Superbiker flat track/supermoto race replica from New York, a Minsk café racer from Belarus, some striking pics from Icon’s drift video shoot and many more top modified motorcycles.

On top of that there’s our ProFile on drag racer Steve Clutterbuck, our monthly Vizman illustration and Jet Metal cartoon strip, plus all the News, Stuff, product reviews, opinions, tantrums and irrelevant wittering you’ve come to expect from your favourite rag. There’s also the latest on our impending FighterFest UK event. You can’t afford to miss this one and, if you’re a subscriber, that’s fine – cos you won’t.

SF230 arrives with UK subscribers today – in shops next Thursday 7th March. 

Thursday, 7 February 2013

SF229 - On Sale Now!

 On the cover is Scott Belshaw’s VFR750, a subtle, yet full-on remodelled example of Honda’s V4 from Down Under. Elsewhere in the magazine you’ll find Mr T’s awesome water-cooled flat tracker, which took Best Streetfighter at 2012’s Brent Cross event, and the FT theme is continued with the coolest Husqvarna SMR570 ‘tracker you’ve ever seen.

Across the centrespread we have a Harley-Davidson Sportster built by Asterisk Motorcycle Custom Works, Miyagi, Japan (right) whilst the more traditional streetfighters are represented in the shape of Martin’s gorgeous GSX 1260EFE Harris Magnum RR (below) and Joe Farrand’s exquisite Avatar-themed GSX1400 turbo. The Hard-Up Choppers Savage-framed Bandit narrows the gap between streetfighter and café racer still further.


Tech heads will be fascinated with the Anatomy Of A Wheelie Bike, a feature which details all the modifications necessary for creating a world record-breaking machine, plus we have a guide to turbocharging, a ProFile on long-time drag racer Charlie Butterworth, projct bike updates, news coverage, product reviews, editorial opinions and loads more things that make SF229 unmissable.

Monday, 4 February 2013

ITV4 tomorrow - 'Grand Prix Racer'

ITV4 is screening Grand Prix Racer, a documentary by Greenlight Television about the Manx Grand Prix, tomorrow night (Tuesday 5th February) at 8pm.

Looks good!

Thursday, 31 January 2013

SF229 for subscribers today!

If the Streetfighters Postal Ferrets are doing their jobs properly, today, Thursday 31st January, should herald the simultaneous arrival on thousands of doormats of issue 229.

On the cover is Scott Belshaw’s VFR750, a subtle, yet full-on remodelled example of Honda’s V4 from Down Under, whilst across the centrespread we have a Harley-Davidson Sportster built by Asterisk Motorcycle Custom Works, Miyagi, Japan. Yes, we usually prefer to leave the Milwaukee tractors for our sister publication, BSH, but with its extensive performance-enhancing modifications and bang-up-to-date styling, we thought we’d make an exception in this case.

Elsewhere in the magazine you’ll find Mr T’s awesome water-cooled GSX-R flat tracker, which took Best Streetfighter at 2012’s Brent Cross event, and the FT theme is continued with the coolest Husqvarna SMR570 ‘tracker you’ve ever seen.

The more traditional streetfighters are represented in the shape of Martin Lucking’s gorgeous GSX 1260EFE Harris Magnum RR and Joe Farrand’s exquisite Avatar-themed GSX1400 turbo. The Hard-Up Choppers Savage-framed Bandit narrows the gap between streetfighter and café racer still further, whilst we’ve squeezed a whole host of assorted feature bikes into the rest of the pages.

Tech heads will be fascinated with the Anatomy Of A Wheelie Bike, a feature which details all the modifications necessary for creating a world record-breaking wheelie machine, plus we have the ultimate idiots’ guide to turbocharging, featuring forced induction maestro Dave Dunlop. Add to that a ProFile on long time drag racer Charlie Butterworth, plus all the usual project bike updates, news coverage, product reviews and editorial opinions, and SF229 is probably unmissable.

In shops next Thursday 7th February 2013. Subscribe here:

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Speed Dreams pt2 - BBC2 at 10pm tonight

Speed Dreams - The Fastest Place On Earth.

BBC2, 10pm tonight.

Tonight, the British teams head to the Salt Flats for the speed trials.

Part one is viewable on BBC iPlayer here:

Essential viewing, and much better than Strictly Come Dancing.

Friday, 4 January 2013


We’re launching into 2013 with style, with perhaps the coolest GIA-framed TL1000 you’ve ever seen adorning our cover and spread.

Inside we’ve got a spectacular Polish Kawasuki, a Germanic Martek, a gorgeous oldskool Katana, a fat-wheeled GSX-R K6, an H2-engined Slabside, a minimalist GPX750R and many more awesome custom machines including, shockingly, a streetfightered 883 Sportster. Nah, don’t worry, we’ve not gone all effeminate, this is a purposeful piece of kit with a spec list as long as your arm and performance to match. My personal favourite from SF228, however, has to be the Aprilia RSV Mille which has been converted into a Ski-Doo.

Add to that coverage from Motorcycle Live at the NEC (including our Custom Xtreme exhibit), our teenage fanboy-like adulation of what looks like being the most insane production bike yet, product reviews, news stories, editorials, project bike updates and regular illustrations from Vizman and Andy Sparrow, and we reckon 2013 is off to a good start already.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Streetfighters #227 - on sale soon

The ever-eager Post Office appears to have beaten me to it this month and subscribers may already have received Streetfighters #227, the latest edition of this magnificent tome, which will be going on sale on Thursday 6th December. Or, of course, pick up your copy over-the-counter from the merchandise man Glyn at the Custom Xtreme area of Motorcycle Live right now.

On the cover is Hez’s awesome GIA-framed GSX-R 1216, making what appears to be good, safe progress. The centrespread feature is Marc Berry’s purple Germanic GSX-R  1000K3, as photographed live at Brent Cross 2012 with the tres cute Mel Clarke, and further delving into the mag will reveal Terry’s trick DogLondon Sheene-rep Bandit, the AFT Customs CB750F (hand-built by glamour models, donchaknow?), Gary’s mentalist turbo Bandit, the Street Beast Cycles Texan Three-Way (feat. Chipmunk) and yet more feature bikes too exciting to list in case your eyes fall out in sheer excitement.

Of course it’s the end of the racing season (boo!) so we’ve also got the full, nailbiting story on Spondon GSX-R-mounted Beany’s final round in the Bemsee Thunderbike Xtreme series, as he dragged third place, kicking and screaming, over the finish line by the scruff of its neck, as well as all the exciting coverage from the Straightliners and ACU Nationals finals too.

Combine that hand-carved slab of high-performance, modified motorcycling awesomeness with our usual dainty garnish of relevant news stories, product information and reviews, regular toons from Vizman and Andy Sparrow, Fanmail submissions from you lot and project build updates from Yantosh and MDM, and we just don’t know how we do it each month, we really don’t.

Streetfighters #227 – on sale 6/12/12. Merry fuckin’ something.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

New Gear

If you're heading over to see the Custom Xtreme exhibit at Motorcycle Live (at Birmingham's NEC, starting this Saturday, November 24th), then you'll see the new range of Streetfighters apparel (that's American for clothing).

Top of the tree is the new for 2012 ORANGE hoodie, complete with two-up stoppie image on the front, and Moto-psycho-list logo across the back.

If you want to get your hoodie in time for Chrimbo, then head over to the NEC and come and have a word on the Streetfighters stand, Hall 3, right next to the Custom Xtreme display.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Okay, so it's a four cylinder engine running on bio-diesel, but I still bet you can't watch this without saying "Fuck!"

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Concept stunt bike!

Yamaha Moto-Cage Six

Yamaha's XJ600-based Moto-Cage Six concept is a machine which would be intended specifically for stunt riders. 

After scrutinising the pics closely, we can see loads of stunt-friendly additions such as the rear hand brake levers, double rear calipers, crash cage, chunky Vans-friendly footpegs (including those on the front wheel spindle), heavy crash protection, an enormous wheelie-friendly rear sprocket, tail scraper plate and even gripmat surfaces on the tailpiece and fuel tank. It was displayed at Cologne complete with wrecked rear tyre, giving it instant cool points.

It’s a concept, so sadly it’ll probably never see production, but it does show how stunt riding is now turning heads at the top of the industry. And if you ever do make it, Yamaha, we want first dibs on testing one please.

Streetfighters photoshoot w/ Cabbie's Blade & Chloe Goodman

*HD available - click the cog up there for resolution options*

Cabbie's turbocharged Honda FireBlade streetfighter 'Boxer' in the studio with Chloe Goodman, for Streetfighters Magazine. 

Photography: Rob Irving

Music: 'Girls' by Colour - purchase full version here:

Streetfighters SF#226 on sale November 1st 2012.

Tomorrow morning, letterboxes all over the country and beyond will be graced with the presence of Streetfighters #226.

On cover and spread it’s Cabbie’s ‘Boxer’ with the gorgeous Chloe Goodman, whilst inside we’ve got a whole load of beautiful machines including Minxy’s GSX, a beautiful Dutch GSX-R, the Pussuki, Jon Henley’s bright orange GSX and loads more. We’ve also got event coverage from FighterFest 2012 and the Monsters Race, and road racer Nigel Rea takes the long way down from Lands End to John O’ Groats on a modified C90…

In addition we’ve got all the regular news, products, race reports from Bemsee Thunderbikes, Straightliners and UEM, Jet Metal, project updates on Project Procrastinate and Project BF&I, and basically a whole shitload of cool high performance modified motorbike stuff.

Subscribers should get them tomorrow and it’ll be on shelf next Thursday November 1st.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Easiest Stunt...

... is undoubtedly the burnout. As shown in this video...

Extreme Performance Bike Weekend

This weekend, the 6th and 7th October, sees the UK's biggest bike only drag race meeting of the year, at Santa Pod Raceway.
With both the ACU and Straightliners championships having their final rounds at this meeting, as well as the national Association of SuperTwins, racing will be hard fought and, in spite of it being October, the meeting has, historically, seen some record-breaking times and speeds.
The ACU Superstreet class is, as far as we're concerned, the highlight, with records set to be pushed yet again, and street-based motorcycles, running on street tyres with a footprint the same size as your palm, are running over the quarter mile in under 7.2 seconds, with terminal speeds in excess of 200mph!
More details from

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sticky Pussy

A couple of issues ago, we issued some free stickers with Streetfighters. Here's how one of our readers used them...