Monday, 13 May 2013

A reluctant announcement.

Dear Streetfighters readers,

It’s our gut-wrenchingly sad duty to inform you that Streetfighters Magazine has become another victim of the recession, so the June issue (#232) was the last to be published in the form you’ve come to expect.

However, you don’t get shot of us quite that easily, because Streetfighters will be returning to the ample bosom from whence it came and continue as a 32-page supplement inside our sister custom bike title, Back Street Heroes, starting with the July issue (BSH #351) which goes on sale at the beginning of June. Inside you'll find the best high performance custom machines, hand-picked for publication, to whet your whistles like only Streetfighters Mag can.

All subscribers will be receiving separate correspondence relating to their options as far as their subs go – where you can either switch your sub to BSH, or request a refund for the remaining balance of your subscription.

FighterFest UK will be going ahead as planned, and Streetfighters merchandise will be available as normal from G&J Merchandise via the magazine website.

All of us at SF Towers, past and present, want to thank our loyal readers, contributors, industry colleagues and friends for their continued support over the last twenty-two years. We'll no doubt see you all on the road at some point in the future – and, of course, at FighterFest UK in September.

The Streetfighters Crew


  1. Shit news. Hope everyone sorts work out fast

  2. Noooooooooooo !!!!!

    Let's hope this shitty recession turns itself around, so we can all get back on an even keel !


  3. I wish all at S/F the very best of luck for the future. Genuinely gutted about this news.

  4. The slippery slop, Pete Williams

  5. Slippery slope, that should have said!

  6. Very sorry to hear your news Guys: good luck to you all and thanks for your support for Beaulieu last year. You will be missed.

    Chris Gothard

  7. How can this be allowed to happen - Probably the only bike mag that gives readers the knowledge and inspiration to modify their existing old banger into a read-worthy show stopper for minimal outlay goes under but the fleet of superbike mags churning out articles on metal most of us could never afford seem to carry on regardless.

    The supplement in BSH helps but this just stinks - what will it take to get streetfighters back up and running again - perhaps even in an online pdf style publication to reduce costs until you get the backing and funding you deserve.

    I have no idea if it helps but I work in the legal profession (Barristers clerk) and can readily call on legal advice and we do a decent amount of work within media and sport. Anything I can do in terms of support SF then just say the word. Well actually type the word to

    The very best for the future and thank you for the journey so far.


  8. bike mag out there.

  9. Bugger! Another victim of the slow strangulation of biking by the to$$ers in Brussels.

  10. sorry to hear such sad news .
    i have every issue since the first one.
    stopped buying bsh years ago as it became a harley fashion mag.
    streetfighters is the best mag on the shelf and only
    ever matched by a.w.o.l.
    still won't buy b.h.s. and having streetfighters as a supplement is not a reason to buy bsh.
    hope it carries on in someform maybe online.

    you closed the wrong mag sorry.


  11. Good Luck to the SF crew. Sorry to hear my favorite mag is no longer. Y'all have been a great source of inspiration, info and entertainment over the past 15 years.

    Hopefully you will keep the blog updated so we can keep tabs on y'all outside of BSH.

    Thanks again for all your great work guys.

  12. Proper gutted, I have been reading streetfighters since I used to steal my dads copy, its what gave me the inspiration and drive to build all of my fighters.

    You will be sadly missed

    Good luck to you all finding new jobs


  13. Recession my ass! 22 years of international strong readership. No one will bother to ($buy$) a Harley based magazine. RIP.

  14. its ok saying it will carry on in B,S,H but we dont like there s**t and they dont like ours it like putting badger baiting with gardening monthly wont work , been with you from the start am 61 have a streetfighter and will miss you , will the online stay running xxxxxxx

  15. I have bought Streetfighters Magazine since I first saw it while stationed in Germany. I made the trip to Birmingham yearly for 10 years to see the bikes I read about. When I returned back to the states and there is a company selling British bike mags so I paid them for a subscription. To say I was surprised today when the letter accompanying issue 232 said this was the last issue is mild, I was shocked. 19 years is a long time to be cut off at the knees. May you rise again, but I have the feeling Steven Koski is correct.
    It was a good ride guys, really sorry it's over.

  16. That is really sad news, I was gutted when I found out because I have been reading streetfighters since my days at university. I can honestly say that it was reading the magazine in the late 90s that kept me sane while I studied. I have been with you since you were a bi-monthly mag and I will miss my monthly edition of madness, puerile humour and fabulous bikes. I can say that I am unlikely to buy BSH, I was never a fan of Harleys and that stretched out Swedish chop thing. This is a sad time for Extreme performance Motorcycles. Sorry to see you go.

  17. Gutted. I'd rather you charged £2 more; I know I'd pay it.
    And on the subject of economics, how is it you can afford to give a away a 32 page mag in BSH, but you can't make money on the usual one. Yeh - I appreciate there's only one set of distribution charges, but still........

    May you rise again.

  18. The end. What a shitter. . Will be sadly missed. Will keep on riding and building sf. Thanku all.

  19. Hi cut out the pro printers and sell a down load version in high resolution so people can print it off them-selves and charge for this. Give an open index so you know what's inside before they buy.
    RD Designs Custom motorcycle seats.