Friday, 31 July 2009

Extreme Show

Held at the MFN Club, named due to the fact that it feels like it's in the Middle of Feckin' Nowhere, given how awkward it is to find, the Streetfighters Owners' Club's show is on this weekend, the 1st and 2nd of August!
MFN is just off the A610, and you'll be able to spot the small direction signs if you're eagle-eyed. It's a superb venue, and has on-site camping, and the show itself - branded this year as the 'Extreme Streetfighter Show', although the SFOC have held their yearly rally at the venue for the last four years - will have trade stands and the show bikes actually inside the venue, plus live bands (rather than dead ones) and a rock disco.

Cumbria RWYB

Straightliners are running a run-what-you-brung this weekend, the 1st and 2nd of August, at the Cumbrian airfield strip of Kirkbride, just a few miles west of Carlisle near the town of Wigton.
Open to all-comers, admission is just a fiver a head, with race entry at £35 per day, the strip is a full quarter mile, and the Northern NSA have a round on the Sunday. There are NO noise restrictions, unlike tracks such as Elvington, East Kirkby or Woodbridge, with is rather refreshing nowadays!
Being only 38 feet above sea level, Kirkbride has the potential for some good numbers, if you can handle the ripple at the top end of the track that gets the really fast boys airbourne!
There's overnight camping available, and refreshments (including HUGE meals) at the onsite White Heather Hotel.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Wheelie Machine

A relatively new group to the stunt scene are Vertical Trix, a three man stunt team from the Coventry area who run Kawasaki ZX-6Rs in their stunt shows, and also use one on their wheelie machine... Essentially a trailer fitted with a friction roller, a rear wheel spindle clamp and a strap to prevent flipping over backwards (there's a bit more to it than that, but it explains the principle) the wheelie machine takes up no more room than a small van, and is regularly seen at Bassetts Pole and Bikers Clearance World in Coleshill, although we caught up with the VT crew at the Rocket Centre open day, and Heaton Park 'A Bike In The Park' last weekend. While riding the wheelie machine is different to wheelying on the road, given that there's no side-to-side movement and the way that the ZX-6R gains traction on the roller is different to how it would on tarmac, it is an ideal way for prospective wheelie fiends to find out just how high the balance point of a wheelie really is. And of course, as you can see from this small video, it is an ideal way to practice some of the more complicated monowheeling manoeuvres... and best of all, it's completely safe, so you'll not experience harm to either your body, or your licence!
More details can be found at Vertical Trix


If you're the sort of person who likes engines of all forms, especially tuned with outright performance in mind - in short, a petrolhead - then you'll need to be heading to south-west Cheshire this weekend, for the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power!
Held at Lord Cholmondeley's countryside retreat in the heart of the Cheshire plain, the pageant of power will have active displays of cars and bikes on the twisty sprint track, powerboats on the lake, and helicopters in the air! And they're not any old automobiles, bikes and boats, as there's a huge selection of rare beasts in attendance - supercharged Bentleys, ex-GP bikes ridden by luminaries such as Charlie Williams, Ian Duffus, Brian Morrison, Sammy Miller and Tommy Robb, rally cars like mega-horspower Metro 6R4s and Ford RS200, and a number of barking mad supercars like a Bugatti Veyron (you know, the one that costs over a million quid, and is made by Volkswagen at a loss!), a Pagani Zonda, a Koenigsegg and, and, and...
More details on the website at
Pageant of Power

Monday, 13 July 2009

Handbags At Dawn...

A handbag for the serious streetfightin' laydee... although we're not sure whether the team female - Jo the designer - should be trusted with one... we value our film star good looks far too highly...

Thames Leap

Robbie Maddison is, without doubt, a professional loony. I don't know how many of us London commuters have dreamed about doing this, I know I have. But instead I make do with bunny-hopping the speed bumps in Wapping at 20mph. Hardcore? Me? Fucking right on.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Sunday In The Park

What better a way to spend a chilled summer's Sunday than lounging around in the park, soaking up the rays and checking out some cool bikes?
Well, this Sunday, 12th July, there's a bike-specific get-together at Heaton Park, just two minutes off the M60 junction 19, just north of Manchester. While the focus is towards classic and vintage Japanese and European bikes, there's also an autojumble, clubs stands and trade stands that'll also include aftermarket goodies for the sort of performance-orientated specials that we like... There'll also be the Vertical Trix wheelie machine and, best of all, entry is free!
More info from:-
Bike In The Park

Pedal Power

Okay, so it's only a push iron, but the talents of the young Danny MacAskill (coloquially known as Danny 'MegAskill') have to be applauded...


Thursday, 9 July 2009


... to Mr (or Mrs) S Nutz of Reading who has won the Renthal handlebars and grips that were in a competition in Streetfighters a couple of months ago. Well done Snutz, and well done to Dean Wood as well for, although he didn't win the Renthals, we will be sending him a little goody in return for his pic of the Yamaha nubiles!
For those of you not lucky enough to win the Renthals, you can get more details from B&C Express here:-
Rentals and more!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

All The Food Remains

Yes folks, we're talking about Nuneaton! Geddit? Nuneaton? None eaten?... okay I'll get me coat, but first we'll tell you about the Skard 4 Life stunt crew's rideout and party in the Midlands town of Nuneaton.
The plan is to group up at the Cock and Bear pub on Queens Road in Nuneaton and leave at noon on Saturday 11th, with the rideout returning to the pub for the stunt show and party staring at 4pm. There's live music, and the first drink is free!

Rocket Men

A main dealer's open day may not sound like it's the most relevant event for the Streetfighters blog, but when it involves stunts, horsepower readouts and the SF merchandise stand - like the Rocket Centre Open Day on Saturday July 11th - it's worthwhile mentioning!
Aside from the usual open day stuff (clothing, new bikes, salesman banter etc), there'll also be the Dynojet mobile dyno in attendance - Rockets actually have their own dyno, but to make life easier, logostically speaking, and allow people to see the bikes being dyno'd, the Dynojet truck is brought in to allow anyone to find out their bike's power output for just a fiver. Last year's best was 185bhp from a Gixer Thou, so there's room for improvement there...
There's also the Vertical Trix stunt team doing displays,and they're also taking their wheelie machine along if anyone wants a play.
various racing luminaries, including Leon Haslam, will also be in attendance, and there's live music, trampolines, and bouncy castle thingy and, best of all, face painting!
All proceeds from the open day will be going to the air ambulance.
The Rocket Centre is in Blackburn, Lancashire, just off the M56.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Straightliners Round 5

The fifth round of the 2009 Straightliners championship takes place this Sunday, July 5th, at the Lincolnshire track of East kirkby.
Located a mile or so east of East Kirkby village, just off the A155, the track is another ex-air field and perhaps the most challenging venue on the calendar. Oh, and it's only a fifteen minute jaunt from Skegness if you fancy an ice cream (If? Almost bloody compulsory in this weather...).

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Norton Transformer

How unbelievably knicker-moisteningly wicked is this?