Thursday, 30 September 2010


Streetfighters #201 is currently running through the steam-driven, orc-operated satanic paper mills in deepest, darkest, errr, Wolverhampton...
Heading out to subscribers tomorrow, it'll be on newsagents shelves from Thursday 7th October, and will contain not only glorious technicolour pics and flowery prose describing the camo 7/11 displayed on the cover, but also numerous other feature bikes, project updates, sports reports and irrelevant ramblings from the barely-coherent editorial duo...

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Uncovered By Full Cover Companies

It seems that those companies that broker or supply motorcycle insurance cover have realised that the far greater sector of their core business is blokes...

This first pic comes from Bennetts and shows two of their 'Bennetts babes' getting lathered up with 'busty beauty' (c. The Sun 1977) Lucy Pinder as part of Bennetts eightieth birthday celebrations...

And this second shows a sneak preview of the Adrian Flux 2011 calendar!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

All Together... Aaaaah...

Some of you may remember Leigh 'Fish' Russon, either for his trick Bandit that was featured back in issue 163, or, more likely, the utterly hilarious video of him flipping the bike at Santa Pod, with his good lady Megan subsequently falling A-over-T in her rush to aid her stricken bloke.
After rebuilding his Bandit in a crystal white, even tricker form, Leigh and Megan tied the knot, and rabid snapper (and closet paparazzi) Everett, passed on the evidence.
Congrats to them both!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Show bikes needed!

On Sunday 3rd October at Santa Pod, the JapShow Finale is occurring. This isn't an excuse to gather round, eat sushi and compare your Hello Kitty handbags though. No, it's an event for all petrolheads, and especially those with a particular interest in those rapid vehicles which are Oriental in origin, to gather and watch these bikes and cars getting thrashed up the strip.

And there's a show n' shine too, open to Jap-based motorcycles - and The Pod are after streetfighters to display, with trophies and prizes to give away to winners. If you're interested in displaying your bike, please contact Chris at or on 01234 782828.

Tickets for the event cost from just £12 for Sunday and £20 for the weekend, and to book call 01234 782828 or visit

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Fighterama Show Entries

We had a number of people asking how they should go about obtaining a show bike entry to Fighterama, as they have modified bikes that they feel of a quality suitable for Europe's (nay, the world's) most prodigious streetfighter show.
So, for those interested, they should email with some pics and basic details of their bike and they can, of course, write in English.
Good luck, and we'll see you there!
More details on Fighterama can be found here