Friday, 18 December 2009


The next issue of Streetfighters is now busily wending its way through the ether to our printers, ready to be reproduced in glorious technicolour on the finest arsewipe we can afford...
Featuring the astounding new creation from Paul 'Diverse' Wilkinson on the cover and over ten pages through the inside, this is the bike that debuted at Fighterama, winning 'Best Special', and also was awarded the 'Best of the Best' trophy at Custom Xtreme at the NEC International Motorcycle Show.
There's also the latest updates on three project bikes, plus an expanisve array of top-noth 'fighters from around the globe, and some really impressive breasticles too...
SF192 will be heading to subscribers next week, and will be on general sale in the New Year.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Alternative Power?

Whilst the main reasoning behind this project is that of using an alternative to petroleum (in this case, LPG), just have a look over the pic, and realise how easy a project it would be to make from a bog stocko supermotard or enduro bike...

There's more info on this project on American streetfighter forum Custom Fighters

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Political Persuasions

For most of us, politics is about as interesting as a three hour long lecture on Brownian motion, and about as fast moving.
However, with a general election looming on the horizon, the Motorcycle Action Group have realised that, in order to give motorcyclists as strong a future as possible in the UK, that now is the time to start getting political.
It has been suggested that up to a third of parliamentary seats will be occupied by a new Member of Parliament next year, so these new voters' representatives need to see our point of view. And this is why the new 'Riders Are Voters' capaign is underway.
More info on RAW2010 can be found here

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

"Personal Liberation WIll Result..."

Or so says the press release accompanying the pics of Confederate's new 120 Fighter.

With a 1966cc air-cooled vee twin engine, the P120 punts out an impressive 160bhp, and no less than 135ft-lb of torque!

Although, with the 6061 aluminium alloy monocoque chassis, the beast does weigh in at a hefty 460lb, and is 64" long...

Friday, 11 December 2009

Well Blow Me!

Turbocharger specialist TurboDynamics have launched a brand new online shop that now gives us all the chance to drool over glorious pics of compressors, wastegates and blow-off valves... although some of you may look towards more sordid websites for your preferred pics of 'blow-off valves'...
Turbo Dynmanics live here

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Winter Project?

If you're planning on making some modifications to your bike over the Christmas period - taking a chance to escape the endless televisual repeats and continual re-heating of turkey and Christmas pud - then you may want to take advantage of the next 'Normous Newark Autojumble, held at Newark Showground next Sunday, the 13th December.
The Showground is at the junction of the A46 and A1, just north of Newark (those of you who have consigned adventure, exploring and intellect to the bin may want to typre NG24 2NY into your twat nav).
More info is available from
Newark autojumble

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Jet Metal at NEC

Those of you have receive Andy Sparrow's Jet Metal news letters will have already seen this, but for thoser of you who are yet to subscribe, have a gander over the following:-
"I've just got back from the Bike Show at the NEC.
I was so late with my next episode of Jet Metal that I set up my board on the stand and drew. I became a kind of feature of the stand and people came over and watched and chatted, which was nice. I met many old[er] Bloodrunners fans, but also many young[er] readers of Jet Metal too, which was very gratifying.
The stickers were a big hit. I was surprised at how well they went. The "Who is Jack Shit?" one is almost gone already, and we got a lot of requests to bring back that t-shirt design, so we will probably, in the spring.
T-shirt sales went okay for us, but as always, we were left with some large piles of certain designs, that had sold well the first weekend, then, when replenished for the next weekend, sold none! So, I'm putting these in the shop at a special discount. Check 'em out at Normal price for a T-shirt is £13.99.
We almost ran out of "Immortals" and "Fates" but we're getting some more printed this week. I've taken off the sizes we don't have at the moment.
I've re-vamped the episode guide for Jet Metal
and am about to add another episode in a day or two, so check back soon.
Anyway I hope you have a good end to your year and a happy new one.
Andy Sparrow"

Breeze over to Jet Metal for more stuff...

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Bulletproof discount offer - exclusive to Streetfighters Magazine

The lovely people at RipRaw, an authorised supplier for Bulletproof Clothing, are doing us a Christmas special; 20% discount while stocks last.

To get your discounted clobber, go to and select the clothing you want, then enter Streetfighter in the promotional code box.

The offer applies to Bulletproof Kevlar lined denim jeans, Kevlar lined combats and the remaining hoodies, zip tops and Long sleeve T’s. Stocks are limited on the tops.

The jeans come in 3 leg lengths for men and ladies, combats in 2 leg lengths.

If there are any products on the site including NZI helmets, Lorenzo Gold rep etc please use the same Streetfighter promo code.

This offer starts today and finishes on 23rd December 2009. Get in there!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Tubular Belle

Whilst photographing a feature bike over at Metmachex Engineering in deepest Derbyshire yesterday, MDM spotted this rather glorious swinging arm being finished off.
It's a tubular arm for a GS Thou, based around the designs used for the original Superbike racers, many of which ran with dry sump systems, hence the oil tank incorporated into the front of the tank.
This design is something of a departure for Metmachex, given that, previoulsy, the greater majority of their 'arms have been of a box section construction, but it neatly proves that the long-standing company can turn their hands to any design of swinging arm you desire...
More info from

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Separated at birth...

In celebration of MDM's new hairdo, we invite our readers to 'spot the difference'.

Below are two pictures - one is a recent pic of MDM's barnet, and the other is a picture of a squirrel on a man's head. The first person to correctly email me and identify which is which wins untold fame and immortal glory, forever.

SF 191 out now

Now on the shelf in a shop near you, featuring an ultra-rare Drouin-supercharged Zed, a turbocharged Zed, this anarchic Hornet 600, an extreme R1-powered flat tracker, a CBX1000 so wide that it takes a team of experienced sherpas two weeks to cross, a very unusual Bakker-framed GPZ 1000RX and loads more feature bikes. With coverage from the XDL series in the US, the Muscle Bike Show, the tenth birthday celebrations from Finnish mag Bomber plus updates on all the magazine project builds all chucked in too, you can't afford to miss it.

And the best bit? We've kept it completely Christmas-free. Like some kind of awful, tinsel-covered Armageddon, we know it's coming but that doesn't mean we all have to shout about it.

Dymag Wheels

Seems that, after Micron Exhausts were dragged under the tumultous waters of the banking industry, another British manufacturer needs a bouyancy aid...
"Dymag Racing UK has entered into a Chapter 11 situation, and is under bank administration at this time. The bank has decreed that all orders in the system and all new orders will fall under new pricing set by the bank the price increase is 35% on Automobile wheels and 20% on Motorcycle wheels across the board.
Dymag will continue to take orders under the new price schedule but will not honour any old pricing.
Please feel free to contact Dymag direct to confirm and ask for: Simon Rowe, Joint Administrator
Simon Rowe and Roger Isaacs, joint administrators, act as agents for the company without personal liability."

What To Do With a Big Old Traily...

Somewhat astoundingly, this cool looking supermoto originally began life as a humble Honda Africa Twin!
More details from
Iti supermotard loonies