Thursday, 26 August 2010

Icon Ography

Icon are an American manufacturer of alternative motorcycle safety wear - the sort of helmets, jackets, gloves and boots that really fit into the streetfighter way of life. And they've got a blog too, here, we especially like the 'Polaroid Fame' sections...


The double centenary issue of Streetfighters is, even as I type, being manhandled by posties the length and breadth of Britain as it makes its way to subscribers doorsteps.

The bumper issue, complete with gert big pullout poster, will be on newsagents shelves from Thursday 2nd September...

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

New Wheelie Record!

Shane Egan, aboard his Holeshot Racing-equipped turbo GSX-R 1000, broke the existing flying kilometre wheelie record with an astounding 181.6mph run on Saturday 21st August at Elvington airfield!
More details in Streetfighters issue 201!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Manx Grand Prix

Those of you in touch with the road racing scene will be aware that the Manx Grand Prix is currently mid-way through practice week, with the amateur races featuring not only classes for modern machinery but also classic and post-classic.
The post-classic is of particular interest as it's open to bikes such as early GSX-Rs, FZ750s and the like, includng a pair of Suzuki XR69s ridden by Micheal Dunlop and the world-famous bugger grips as affixed to Guy Martin.
Conveniently, for those of us who haven't ventured over the Irish Sea to the world capital of road racing, there's live coverage of the racing, and loads of other info, via the internet at MGP Festival

Monday, 23 August 2010

Stunt Bike Football

The Vertical Trix guys show off their skills for the BBC. Click the title for the link.

Just to be clear - this is the only kind of football that Streetfighters endorses. Anything else is for overpaid pansies. So if a stranger comes up to you in the street and tries to tempt you into a field with an inflated leather bag of wind, remember kids - just say no.


Stunt bike football will be one of the disciplines at next weekend's Vertical Trix European Stunt Competition at the South West Motorcycle Show, held at Westpoint Arena, Exeter on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th August. More details from South West

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Ooh, look...

... what we found! We've had a bit of a clear-out in the SF office - thanks to some suits deciding that archive boxes couldn't be left underneath desks - and we've found a fair few old pics, including this one of the lovely Bobbi from South Wales! Unfortunately, this does mean that Will is now spending most of the day in the toilet with a laminated printout of this pic...

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Speed & Wheelie Weekend

Only handful of days left to go before this year's Wheelie and Speed Records weekend at Elvington airfield, just outside York.
With the wheelie speed record currently sat at 174mph, and with at least four turbo Gixer Thous set to compete, plus Dodge on his supercharged Hayabusa, could 2010 see a new record at last?

With regards to the top speed attempts, we've seen over 250mph at ELvington before, courtesy of Jarrod 'Jack' Frost of Holeshot Racing, and with a greater numberof landpseed specific bikes being built of late, it looks like we'll be seeing plenty more machines capable of over four miles in a minute...
Elvington plays host to mono and two-wheeled speed freaks on Saturday 21st August and Sunday 22nd August, and the airfiled can be found just off the B1228
More details on 200mph

Monday, 16 August 2010

Bulldog Splash

While the heavy police presence of the previous two years was pretty much absent, the overbearing presence of rain-laden rain clouds wasn't...

this was as close as most people got to the drag strip! More Bulldog news in SF201, out October 2nd...

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Dirty Speed

While the boys in blue consider any speed to be naughty, especially anything over 70mph, just have a think about how fast 252mph must feel like. Then think about what it must be like when that speed is achieved when riding, not on supersmooth runway-type tarmac, but on the dusty, dry dirt surface of El Mirage in southern California...
That was the speed that John Noonan (main main at JE Pistons) recorded on the 1.3 mile dry lake bed course of El Mirage, when he rode the Hayabusa prepped by Brock Davidson of Brocks Performance.
The final tally was 252.035mph, which is the fastest speed for any vehicle this year at El Mirage, and the Big CC turbo-equipped Suzuki now holds the record for the fastest bike speed on dirt (albeit 20mph lower than the top speed acheived on tarmacadam).
More info at

Pic by Zane McNary

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A Busy Weekend Ahead

With one of Europe's biggest biker parties kicking off on Thursday, as the Bulldog Bash kicks into loud and raucous life, most of the UK's Superstreet drag racers already on their way to the NitrOlympics at Hockenheim in Germany for perhaps the biggest drag race in Europe, England's famous Donington Park circuit being reborn with the Classic Revival and Round 5 of the Straightliners drag race series at North Weald on Sunday, now is the time to be checking the weather forecasts and deciding where you're going...
More details from Bulldog, Hockers, Donington and Straightliners

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Better late...

After a few days delay, the subscribers issues of 199 have been delivered, and newsagents shelves will be displaying the issue from tomorrow, for those not-yet organised enough to sort out a subscription...