Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Euro-wide Demo

Regular readers of the Fighting Talk column in Streetfighters, as well as righteous political agitators, will already know all about the forthcoming demonstration on Sunday June 24th. For those that don't, the demo is the last chance that we'll get to voice our opinions on the proposed Euro-legislation that could put an end to all modification of motorcycling. There's more information on the website at but the long and short of it is that there'll be demo runs in each of the UK's European constituencies, and it's vital that you take part if you with motorcycling to have a future.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Farmyard Party

Only a couple of days to go before the Motorcycle Action Group's biggest fund raiser of the year - the essential rally for any self-righteous motorcyclist and party animal - the Farmyard Party. Aside from the stunning roads to and from the venue in the glorious Yorkshire Wolds, the Farmyard has about eight gazillion bars, a comedy show that WILL turn you incontinent, bands that make Britain's Got Talent look like the dole queue (actually...), a wet t-shirt comp and a stripper, a ride-in custom bike show, an on-site dyno and a burn-out pit!

Lincolnshire 'Liners

Straightliners are back at one of their favourite venues this Sunday, East Kirkby, for Round 6 of the National Street Bike Championship. The NSA will also be in attendance with all their classes, so it is the place to be on Sunday the 17th. Entry is on the day for all classes, just turn up and ride! The track has been swept and the start line will be prepped for racing, which usually means record-breaking performances in Lincolnshire!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Billing Bike Show

Quick heads-up for an event on the final weekend in June; the Billing Bike Show. Featuring ride-in custom displays, live bands, a burnout pit and loads more, all the details (including tickets) are available here: