Friday, 18 December 2009


The next issue of Streetfighters is now busily wending its way through the ether to our printers, ready to be reproduced in glorious technicolour on the finest arsewipe we can afford...
Featuring the astounding new creation from Paul 'Diverse' Wilkinson on the cover and over ten pages through the inside, this is the bike that debuted at Fighterama, winning 'Best Special', and also was awarded the 'Best of the Best' trophy at Custom Xtreme at the NEC International Motorcycle Show.
There's also the latest updates on three project bikes, plus an expanisve array of top-noth 'fighters from around the globe, and some really impressive breasticles too...
SF192 will be heading to subscribers next week, and will be on general sale in the New Year.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Alternative Power?

Whilst the main reasoning behind this project is that of using an alternative to petroleum (in this case, LPG), just have a look over the pic, and realise how easy a project it would be to make from a bog stocko supermotard or enduro bike...

There's more info on this project on American streetfighter forum Custom Fighters

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Political Persuasions

For most of us, politics is about as interesting as a three hour long lecture on Brownian motion, and about as fast moving.
However, with a general election looming on the horizon, the Motorcycle Action Group have realised that, in order to give motorcyclists as strong a future as possible in the UK, that now is the time to start getting political.
It has been suggested that up to a third of parliamentary seats will be occupied by a new Member of Parliament next year, so these new voters' representatives need to see our point of view. And this is why the new 'Riders Are Voters' capaign is underway.
More info on RAW2010 can be found here

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

"Personal Liberation WIll Result..."

Or so says the press release accompanying the pics of Confederate's new 120 Fighter.

With a 1966cc air-cooled vee twin engine, the P120 punts out an impressive 160bhp, and no less than 135ft-lb of torque!

Although, with the 6061 aluminium alloy monocoque chassis, the beast does weigh in at a hefty 460lb, and is 64" long...

Friday, 11 December 2009

Well Blow Me!

Turbocharger specialist TurboDynamics have launched a brand new online shop that now gives us all the chance to drool over glorious pics of compressors, wastegates and blow-off valves... although some of you may look towards more sordid websites for your preferred pics of 'blow-off valves'...
Turbo Dynmanics live here

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Winter Project?

If you're planning on making some modifications to your bike over the Christmas period - taking a chance to escape the endless televisual repeats and continual re-heating of turkey and Christmas pud - then you may want to take advantage of the next 'Normous Newark Autojumble, held at Newark Showground next Sunday, the 13th December.
The Showground is at the junction of the A46 and A1, just north of Newark (those of you who have consigned adventure, exploring and intellect to the bin may want to typre NG24 2NY into your twat nav).
More info is available from
Newark autojumble

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Jet Metal at NEC

Those of you have receive Andy Sparrow's Jet Metal news letters will have already seen this, but for thoser of you who are yet to subscribe, have a gander over the following:-
"I've just got back from the Bike Show at the NEC.
I was so late with my next episode of Jet Metal that I set up my board on the stand and drew. I became a kind of feature of the stand and people came over and watched and chatted, which was nice. I met many old[er] Bloodrunners fans, but also many young[er] readers of Jet Metal too, which was very gratifying.
The stickers were a big hit. I was surprised at how well they went. The "Who is Jack Shit?" one is almost gone already, and we got a lot of requests to bring back that t-shirt design, so we will probably, in the spring.
T-shirt sales went okay for us, but as always, we were left with some large piles of certain designs, that had sold well the first weekend, then, when replenished for the next weekend, sold none! So, I'm putting these in the shop at a special discount. Check 'em out at Normal price for a T-shirt is £13.99.
We almost ran out of "Immortals" and "Fates" but we're getting some more printed this week. I've taken off the sizes we don't have at the moment.
I've re-vamped the episode guide for Jet Metal
and am about to add another episode in a day or two, so check back soon.
Anyway I hope you have a good end to your year and a happy new one.
Andy Sparrow"

Breeze over to Jet Metal for more stuff...

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Bulletproof discount offer - exclusive to Streetfighters Magazine

The lovely people at RipRaw, an authorised supplier for Bulletproof Clothing, are doing us a Christmas special; 20% discount while stocks last.

To get your discounted clobber, go to and select the clothing you want, then enter Streetfighter in the promotional code box.

The offer applies to Bulletproof Kevlar lined denim jeans, Kevlar lined combats and the remaining hoodies, zip tops and Long sleeve T’s. Stocks are limited on the tops.

The jeans come in 3 leg lengths for men and ladies, combats in 2 leg lengths.

If there are any products on the site including NZI helmets, Lorenzo Gold rep etc please use the same Streetfighter promo code.

This offer starts today and finishes on 23rd December 2009. Get in there!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Tubular Belle

Whilst photographing a feature bike over at Metmachex Engineering in deepest Derbyshire yesterday, MDM spotted this rather glorious swinging arm being finished off.
It's a tubular arm for a GS Thou, based around the designs used for the original Superbike racers, many of which ran with dry sump systems, hence the oil tank incorporated into the front of the tank.
This design is something of a departure for Metmachex, given that, previoulsy, the greater majority of their 'arms have been of a box section construction, but it neatly proves that the long-standing company can turn their hands to any design of swinging arm you desire...
More info from

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Separated at birth...

In celebration of MDM's new hairdo, we invite our readers to 'spot the difference'.

Below are two pictures - one is a recent pic of MDM's barnet, and the other is a picture of a squirrel on a man's head. The first person to correctly email me and identify which is which wins untold fame and immortal glory, forever.

SF 191 out now

Now on the shelf in a shop near you, featuring an ultra-rare Drouin-supercharged Zed, a turbocharged Zed, this anarchic Hornet 600, an extreme R1-powered flat tracker, a CBX1000 so wide that it takes a team of experienced sherpas two weeks to cross, a very unusual Bakker-framed GPZ 1000RX and loads more feature bikes. With coverage from the XDL series in the US, the Muscle Bike Show, the tenth birthday celebrations from Finnish mag Bomber plus updates on all the magazine project builds all chucked in too, you can't afford to miss it.

And the best bit? We've kept it completely Christmas-free. Like some kind of awful, tinsel-covered Armageddon, we know it's coming but that doesn't mean we all have to shout about it.

Dymag Wheels

Seems that, after Micron Exhausts were dragged under the tumultous waters of the banking industry, another British manufacturer needs a bouyancy aid...
"Dymag Racing UK has entered into a Chapter 11 situation, and is under bank administration at this time. The bank has decreed that all orders in the system and all new orders will fall under new pricing set by the bank the price increase is 35% on Automobile wheels and 20% on Motorcycle wheels across the board.
Dymag will continue to take orders under the new price schedule but will not honour any old pricing.
Please feel free to contact Dymag direct to confirm and ask for: Simon Rowe, Joint Administrator
Simon Rowe and Roger Isaacs, joint administrators, act as agents for the company without personal liability."

What To Do With a Big Old Traily...

Somewhat astoundingly, this cool looking supermoto originally began life as a humble Honda Africa Twin!
More details from
Iti supermotard loonies

Monday, 30 November 2009

Caption Comp

With Paul 'Diverse' Wilkinson's astounding forced-induction Honda vee twin being succesful at both Fighterama and the NEC International Motorcycle Show's Custom Xtreme display, we thought it worthy of a caption competition...

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Crossbow Calendars

Those of you who have been trying to purchase the new Crossbow Calendar from their website may have encountered some problems, due to their dot com website going haywire.
Fortunately, there is an alternative, as you can visit (or just click on here) or. for a quick fix, phone direct on 0208 669 6400.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

To The NEC...

Today is set-up day for the Carole nash International Motorcycle Show at Birmingham's NEC, so we're off to sort out the Custom Xtreme exhibit, and our own merchandise stand, today.
Custom Xtreme will be displaying some of the finest British custom motorcycles of the last year, with half the exhibit being dedicated to streetfighters, the other half covering chops, bobbers, trikes and lowriders of the Back Street Heroes persuasion.
'Our' side includes such stunning creations as Paul Bainbridge's single-sided FireBlade (as featured in SF190), the ultra-slammed 'Busaboy' Hayabusa from the new issue, 'Diverse' Paul's new forced induction beastie fresh from its class win at Fighterama, Streetfighters' tech contributor Yantosh's mental turbo Gixer, Stu Yates' astounding Gixer / H2 that you may have seen in the Streetfighters special edition 'Global Pandemic' (out now!), a unique nitrous Gixer Thou, and loads more.
Custom Xtreme is in Hall 2, and we're on stand CX5.

Diverse Paul's beastie (above) won Best Special at Fighterama.

Paul Bainbridge's single-sider (rear and front!) Blade.

Press and trade day is tomorrow, Thursday 26th, and the show is open to the general public from Friday.
More details on the show from NEC Bike Show

Monday, 23 November 2009

Helmet Stand

Stuck for somewhere to put your helmet when you go to a bike show?
Simple, just take advantage of the new Yamaha aftermarket accessory, the Helmo-rack XL. It comes complete with panniers large enough to take enough sandwiches to feed the five thousand, and fits all 1990s Yamaha sportsbike (note, matt black paint optional).

Friday, 20 November 2009

Turbo Duke

Another video to tide you through the weekend...

This one is an astounding turbocharged Ducati Hypermotard and, although the video is a bit fuzzy, there's plenty more pics and details at Motorcycle builders forum

V8 Monowheel

A video of the McLean V8 Monowheel being test ridden. Apparently this thing is road legal in the States and does over 50mph, which is pretty terrifying.

And you'l be happy to know that the incident at the end of the video didn't result in any serious injuries....

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Eek! How scary is this?

In the first round of qualifying at the AMA Dragbike Finals in Valdosta, Georgia, Korry Hogan on the Dryden/Hogan/Alwine Top Fuel bike had a scary time when the Fueler made a scary move at the top end, sending Korry into the wall. Despite the impact he stayed aboard and completed the run, despite aborting at 5.1 secs he ran the quarter in a storming 5.88 secs!

However, after the scary ride and some over-night reflection Korry annnounced his decision to retire from Top Fuel Bike, citing family concerns as the reason... Whether he'll return to his former home in Funnybike remains to be seen.

Big. And Fast!

And on display at the Carole Nash International Motorcycle Show at Birmingham's NEC from next Thursday.

Built by Alan Millyard - well known for his multi-cylinder Kawasaki two strokes, and a vee eight Zed Thou and a vee twelve Z13 - using a huge eight litre Dodge Viper ten cylinder engine making 500bhp, the whole bike was built in Alan's shed! With over 1000 road miles under his belt, Millyard took the bike for top speed testing at Bruntingthorpe, where the colossus hit an impressive 207mph!
Although there are plans for a limited run of bikes, this is the only one currently in existence, so MCN's claim of it being the world's fastest production bike are somewhat innacurate. Still feckin' mental though!
You can see the beast on the Carole Nash stand (2C20) at the NEC from Friday 27th November to Sunday December 6th.

Pics courtesy of Stephen Millyard

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

If Only...

... assembling a bike was as easy as this!

Mind you, you'd have to take it all apart again anyway, and do it properly, with no fairing, better bars and some engine tuning.
And yes, we were shown this by the BSH Bloggist...

Want.. need... must have...

Although it is only of 125cc, just think what this bike would be like with a 690cc Duke motor!

It's KTM's latest design prototype, and it'll be on display at the Carole Nash International Motorcycle Show at Birmingham's NEC from next Thursday (November 26th)

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Just a quick teaser pic from last weekend's Burn out competition at Fighterama... more pics in issue 193 and probably here on the blog soon too...

Monday, 16 November 2009

Back again...

The Streetfighters travelling circus has returned from the jaunt to Germany, and 'Hoop Ear the African Queen' (copyright Das Driver) is also back on British shores. But our heads are fuzzy and we're very tired. More later.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Off To Kalkar...

... the van is loaded - with SF merchandise and Diverse Paul's all-new, previously unseen, really-quite-radical forced-induction beastie - the bags are packed, the Collins pocket English-German dictionary is in my jacket and there's just a quick jaunt to the post office to get some Euros, then we're on our way to Fighterama!
Oh, hang on a mo, where's my passport...

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Monster Paint

Organised by Ducati themselves, this was an online competition designed to get Ducati Monster owners to add a little bit of extra flair and style to their bikes...
As could be expected from the Italians, a few of them went over the top, but there's some beautiful paint schemes and some clever ideas illustrated amongst the pics.
We especially like the 'time' and 'pasta' themes, and the glow-in-the-dark one is awesome...
Cool Monsters

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Beck Blog

ACU ProStock champ, and first European to run 7.0s in the categrory, Dave Beck has started his own blog, courtesy of Eurodragster.
Detailing the progress of the bike that is due to replace his record-breaking, Kosman-chassied 'Stocker, Dave will be showing just how much dedication, determination and drive are required as he heads back into European competition in 2010.
Becky blog
And, for those of you who aren't aware of Dave's history in drag racing, there's a neat little article on that'll tell you everything you need to know. More on Beck

Like a Real Museum...

... only smaller.
Although the wide world tend to think of the English being eccentrics, it's not just Brits that have a tendency to the absurd... take, for example, the number of 'Biggest In The World' things in the western American states (Biggest corn, clam, chess set, chair - and that's just the 'c's... see here )but the French also have an abiity to baffle common sense...
The Miniature Motorcycle Museum isn't a museum that happens to be very small so doesn't hold many bikes, but is actually a museum of miniature motorcycles - models, and it's quickly apparent that the world of motorcycle models is far bigger than just the Tamiya range of plastic two wheelers...
Little Bike Museum

Monday, 9 November 2009

The Early Days...

Those of you who have had their interest piqued by the pics from the early issues of Streetfighters in the historical feature in the new 'Global Pandemic' special issue of SF may like to have a breeze over to the Disturbing The Peace forums and have a look at their 'Blast from the past' threads...

Friday, 6 November 2009


Don't forget kiddies, it's just one week to go until the event that is probably the world's most important as far as stretfighters are concerned - Fighterama.
Held in a converted nuclear power plant in Kalkar, on the western border of Germany, and thus rather convenient for those people travelling from Calais, the event will showcase the very best of German streetfightered bikes and aftermarket parts (just the array of bodywork available is a total mind-fuck). There'll be a show bike display, dozens of aftermarket manufacturers and professional bike builders, clothing, a stunt show, a burn out pit, girly dancers, and of course the Streetfighters stand, plus all the lunacy that occurs when dozens of german 'fighter fans are in proximity of alcohol...
More details from Fighterama

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Fighting Talk 190

These days, with the streetfighter movement really snowballing in Australia and the United States, as well as across mainland Europe and even further afield, international bikes are coming in thick and fast. And these aren’t lacklustre second-rate copies, with faded colours and some bloke going for a wee halfway through like the DVDs you buy on the beach on Koh Phangan, but full-on proper streetfighters with their own original features and quite often a recognisable ‘national style’...

Read the full transcript in SF190, in the shops now...

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Ain't No Yank...

But it is a V8, and is is of rather a large capacity, for a bike engine at least.
Showcased by Holeshot Racing at last month's Extreme Performance Bike Weekend, the engine is essentially a pair of siamesed Hayabusa engines, joined at the hip.
The eight cylinder motors have already been used in a number of other applications (yup, cars) but this is the first time we've seen it in a bike - it's a Funny Bike style chassis, but is yet to ahve the rest of the engine's drive train in place. This particular engine uses two big bored 1400cc Busa top ends, so is of an impressive 2800cc capacity. More details from Holeshot

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Winter Ride?

Although, at the time of writing, the northern sub-office is bathing in bright Autumnal sunshine, we all know that the weather's going to be taking a turn for the worse any day now, and many people have already taken their bike off the road for the next bout of over-winter tinkering and modifying. Those that continue to ride invariably use a dull 'winer hack' (summat tedious like a CB125 or GS500), but here's an idea for those that want something slightly more exciting as a winter plaything - after all, we don't get much snow in the UK so a snowmobile is out of the question...

Monday, 2 November 2009

Back Again...

... and online.
You lucky subscribers should have received SF190 this morning, and the extra special issue - Global Pandemic - is whizzing off the printers' presses as we speak.
And now we get stuck straight into SF191!

Friday, 23 October 2009

Blog On Hold

SF190 is still dragging its feet on the way out the door, and once it's gone it'll be swiftly followed by Will and MDM, who are off to recuperate from the double issue deadline traumas...
Will is off to cuddle some African wildlife...

While MDM is going to try and consume as much of this as possible...

We'll be back soon...

Any Minute Now!

SF190 will be winging its way through the ether, and popping out at the printers, ready to be duplicated and sent to you, our lovely readers!
With two turbos, a Spondon, two Gixers, a FireBlade, and R1 and a ZX-10R, a Bandit and probably the most beautiful Martek in the world, and the latest updates on the British drag racing scene and three project bikes (yup, three, there's a new one!) it'll arrive at subscribers' houses in a week, and at newsagents on the 5th November, the same time as the special extra issue!

Last Chance To Straightline in 2009

Sunday 25th October, yes, in just two days time, is Straightliners last event of the year, with a Run-What-You-Brung meeting at Santa Pod. And I just mis-typed that as Ruin-What-You-Brung which, in some people's case, may be entirely accurate...
It'll be £35 for the day, with unlimited track time, but don't fiorget to take your driving licence...

Thursday, 22 October 2009

We're Good To You...

The SF team have worked day and night to bring you a special, full fat, extra issue of the mag, complete with seventeen previously unseen feature bikes, and loads of previously unpublished photos from events, feature bike shoots and studio shoots too.
Streetfighters 'Global Pandemic' has just been sent to press, and will be in the shops from November 5th (remember, remember).

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Still Not Convinced...

... that you need to 'get political' and join a riders' rights group?
Have a look at this...

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Of the Brits who have travelled over to Fighterama in years gone by, many of them make comment on the Lunatics barking mad, end-of-year party which has, traditionally, coincided neatly with the big show. This year, however, the Lunatics bash is earlier than Fighterama, and held in Hannover.
Finding yourself with nothing to do for Halloween? Get yourself over to Hannover...

Thursday, 15 October 2009


The rumour mill is right, Buell have gone tits up...
Eric's on the verge of tears
Having stated that production would stop at the end of October for two months, it now appears that the eclectic range of peg-scratching Buells has come to an end...

How Bloody Much?

Jay Leno, vastly famous (and famously vast) American talk show host and compulsive petrolhead, has sold his second generation V-MAX in order to raise some cash for one of his favourite charities.
Mildy modified, the Max went for an astounding $150,000, although the winning bidder did get a tour of Leno's palatial garage which, in itself, would probably take about four weeks...

Anglesey Builders?

Spotted by eagle-eyed compulsive bloggist, Blue at BSH, this small news item was clocked in a Welsh newspaper and brought to our attention:-

"BIKERS on Anglesey can get a masterclass on building street fighter motorbikes next week.
The Anglesey Motorcycle Club is hosting a special meeting in the bar of the Anglesey Circuit race track, Ty Croes, on Monday at 7pm.
Guest speakers are Tim Holland and Ben Jones, who specialise in the building of street fighter bikes.
A club spokesman said: “This is a fantastic chance to listen to people with real expertise and ask any questions they might have about their own projects. The event is completely free to all.”

Regular readers of Streetfighters will recognise Tim Holland's name - he's had a number of feature bikes, including a gorgeous Spondon GSX-R 1000 - although the news piece doesn't mention any kind of contact details, so you'll just have to wing it and turn up!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Slo-mo hero

While we'll be bringing you more info on last weekend's Extreme Performance Bike Weekend in a future issue of the mag, we'd just like to show you this awesome video of Maltese loony Simon Giordmania as a way of congratulating him on his first seven second quarter at the weekend.
The video isn't actually of the seven second run, but it does show you just how much a Superstreet bike can move around on the launch and on its way up the track.
The video comes courtesy of Blackett Photography, house photographers at Santa Pod.
Be patient, the action starts at about 1:20... and watch how the rear offloads on the shift into second.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Extreme Performance Bike Weekend

This next weekend, the 10th and 11th of October, sees the third Extreme Performance Bike Weekend at Santa Pod, and it's set to be the biggest yet!
Incorporating not only the finals of the ACU Drag bike championship, but also the Straightliners championship too, close and exciting racing is guaranteed, with a number of classes in both championships set to go to the wire.

For those folk entering in an ACU or Straightliners class (and remember, Straightliners will take on-the-day entries), there's a Perfect Light Award sponsored by with a £50 prize for the first racer to clock a perfect reaction time! There's also a further fifty quid up for grabs in the RV Perfect ET award, payable to the first person who runs a perfect ET in their bracket class. More details from Eurodragster
As this year is the tenth anniversary for Suzuki's Hayabusa, Suzuki GB are in attendance, with a selection of test bikes for use on the roads around Santa Pod (so take your driving licence), as well as two racing classes specifically for Hayabusas and B-Kings (bog standard, and mildly modified, open to bikes witrh aftermarket exhausts and fuelling computers like Power Commanders).
There's also the final of the Straightliners Stunt Championship, which'll include Suzuki's own pet stunter, Matti Griffin.

Additionally, there's the second annual Muscle Bike Show, a ride-in show catering for the big, brutal muscle bikes of yore - stuff like Zed Thous, Katanas and CBX Thous, alongside modern muscle like GSX 1400s, ZRX 12 and 13s and the new V-MAX. This year also has a new category, that of Developed Muscle, designed to incorporate those bikes that were a development of the original muscle bikes, and which have been further developed by their owners to produce more power than most folk would consider sensible - yes, this is the class for turbo, nitrous nutter GSX-Rs!

The Santa Pod gates are open from 5pm on Friday, tickets are £10 per day or £25 for the whole weekend, including camping. More details are available from Extreme Performance Bike

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Run To The Wall

On this next Saturday, the 10th October 2009, the Ride To The Wall charity motorcycle event will be taking place.
The aim of the event is to support and raise funds to support the families of troops killed in all conflicts since World War II by maintaining the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire. The meeting point is Drayton Manor near Tamworth, and overnight camping is available along with the usual facilities. The memorial service will be read by Lionel Fanthorpe and this time the RAF will be providing a Spitfire flypast as well.
This is the only event of its kind which gives motorcyclists in this country the opportunity to show the respect that the members of the Armed Forces deserve, and raise money for the upkeep of the National Memorial. More details and online registration are available at

Friday, 2 October 2009


No, sorry, I can't hear what you're'll have to speak up!
Eh? You're from where? No, it's no good, I can't hear you. It's that damn bike behind you sitting on tickover, it's drowning out everything you say...

Spotted by a reader at the Bol D'Or, it was one of many acoustically-enhanced internal combustion-engined devices on site built, seemingly, for the singular purpose of making as much noise as possible...

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Crossbow Party

This Saturday sees Nottinghamshire nightclub MFN play host to the fourth Crossbow calendar party, with the bext display of calendar bikes so far, the Ignition Girls on hand to add some glamour, and live music from The Fabulous Teddies.
MFN is at Shipley Gate, Nottinghamshire, NG16 3JE, and you can get more details from Crossbow

SF189 Fighting Talk

When I sat down to write up the Bulldog Bash for last month’s issue, I was all ready to rant and moan about the police presence at the Stratford-upon-Avon event.
However, I quickly realised that this would put the wrong kind of slant on the annual event and that there was already enough media coverage about the Warwickshire police’s bully boy tactics and Assistant Chief Constable Bill Holland’s rabid witterings, so I concentrated on the event itself rather than what occurred outside the show gates. However, the under-hand, over-the-top approach to policing the Bulldog is not to be forgotten. After all, Ass Chief Con Holland has promised to be even more focussed on stopping the event in the future, despite the very vocal public objections to his principles.
As I write this, just over five weeks have passed since the Bulldog, and people have already started forgetting about Holland’s reasoning behind his actions. After all, the event went ahead without any problems, the majority of motorcyclists managed to ride to and from the event without any hindrances (only eleven arrests, three of which were for previous offences, from 448 searches, despite there being 450 officers on duty each day), so there’s no reason to dwell on it. Is there?

Read the full transcript in SF189, in the shops now...

Wednesday, 30 September 2009


SF 189 is in the shops now!
Featuring Paul Baimbridge's awesome single-sided FireBlade, as seen on the cover with the delectable Emma Louise, an extreme fat-wheeled TL1000, coverage from the Speed & Wheelie Records weekend at Elvington and the X-Fighters at Battersea, an awesome slammed rat-style drag bike from the USA and loads, loads more.
Subscribers will already have their copies now, and we would have told you that before, but we were enjoying ourselves in the Isle of Man, so tough titty...

Thursday, 17 September 2009


One of the most unique motorcycling events in the world - the Speed & Wheelie weekend at Elvington, last month - will be on Sky Sports 2 on October 1st at 6pm!
For those of you that only have poor man's telly, we'll have the report on the event in the next issue of Streetfighters, heading out to subscribers one week today!

Big CC Open Day

To commemorate the opening of their new premises, Big CC are having an open day this Saturday, 19th September, with the cars v bikes horsepower stand-off that we mentioned on here a couple of weeks ago.
The idea is that the ten most powerful bikes of the day have their overall power added up, to see if they'll beat the aggregate total of the top ten cars!
There'll be a barbecue, and free tea and coffee too, as well as a few dyno trophies for aspirated, turbo & nitrous bikes, and also a Best Custom bike and Streetfighter trophies.
More info at Big CC


SF feature bike nicked...

SF feature bike, Issue 156, February 2007, stolen from Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Metmachex framed Bandit, registration N492 YEW. If you have any information please phone Ian on 07971 836339 or Chesterfield Police on 0345 123 3333 and quote crime reference 52233-09.

Scottish Drags

This Sunday, the 20th, sees the Finals of the inaugural Scottish Drag Bike Championship at Crail in Fife, close to St Andrews and across the Firth of Forth from Edinburgh - a beautiful part of the world...

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Fuel Gauge Not Required

A chance to scrap those unnecessary clocks by having the new answer to fuel level monitoring, and far easier than having to stop, flip up your fuel cap and rock the bike from side to side to see if any fuel is sploshing around...
Fitted as a new feature on Mark Law's Hayabusa (as seen back in issue 162) this see-thru petrol cap is of Mark's own manufacture, neat huh?

Burd Burnout

We had a DVD handed to us at the Prees Streetfighters Sunday containing some pics and the vid of this tyre-poppingly fantastic chick burning out an Aprilia... Cool.

From Y & U, somewhere in Wales.

Can you better this? Send us your vids!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

If In Doubt...

... just drink beer and carry on.

And that's the rallying cry of a website we've just stumbled across. Drink Beer And Carry On is here to support our local hostelries in their hour of need. And to allow you to post silly pics of yourself having a pint... like this man.

New European Pro Stock Record

Congratulations to Dave Beck for setting a new European Pro Stock record at last weekend's European Finals at Santa Pod.
Having not competed in any UEM competition over the last few years, concentrating on the domestic championship and the Dave Beck Racing business (and travelling over to the States to race over a couple of seasons too), Dave shattered his previous personal best of 7.11, and showed that even after a few years away from Euro competition, he can still run the numbers! The succesful weekend has prompted hopes that he may compete in the full UEM championship in 2010!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Streetfighters Sunday, Prees

Sunday 13th September, yes, this weekend, is time for another Streetfighters Sunday at Lynn's Raven Cafe in Prees, just south of Whitchurch in Shropshire.
Kicking off just in time for an early Full English (ie about 8am, which is early enough for anyone on a Sunday morning), there'll be the usual variety of 'fighters from across the UK, with an additional element added by the fact that this SF Sunday coincides with the run into North Wales organised by Motorcycle News in their 'Reclaim North Wales' campaign.
With an initial meeting point at Llangollen (about 30 miles from the SF Sunday venue) at noon, followed by a gathering at the Swallow Falls Hotel in Betws-y-Coed at 4pm, MCN are using the demo as a lever to force the North Wales constabulary to stop their unfair approach towards motorcyclists on their patch.
Naturally, due to the North Wales coppers 'rigid' approach towards those folk travelling on powered two-wheelers, it is imperitive that you are 100% legal if you want to join the demo, so that means small plates, loud pipes and dark visors will be a no-no, but then that's been the case for anyone riding the roads of North Wales for years anyway...
Go to Here to read up on what you can do if you're stopped...

South Coast Shenangans

Saturday 12th September is the date for the annual Brighton Speed Trials, held on Madeira Drive in the East Sussex seaside town of Brighton, as the name suggests.
Known for its ecclectic mix of machinery, the Brighton Sprint has classic cars and bikes alongside the faster specific drag bikes, although don't be thinking you can just turn up and run. It's almost become an invitational, as the limited number of entrants is invariably filled with previous years' competitors, keen to run once more in front of the expansive crowds at the historic venue.
Brighton Speed Trials
The following day sees Madeira Drive at the focus for the Ace Cafe's Brighton Burnup, with up to 10,000 bikes leaving the Ace Cafe on London's North Circular Road at 10am, and anything up to 50,000 in Brighton later in the day!
Ace Cafe

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

World's Fastest Streetbike

How impressive is this? A 7.13 second quarter on a road-legal motorcycle!
And what's also rather astounding is that the pilot of said machine, Taylor Wood, is just sixteen years old...

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Two versus Four

Big CC Racing, down in sunny Wokingham, are running a ten bikes versus ten cars horsepower shootout at their Open Day on the 19th September.

The dyno shootout will pit motorcycle rear wheel horsepower against car front or rear wheel horsepower in a straight contest with the most accumulated power from the either side being the winners.

Only fifteen cars can be allotted for the day so, if you've got a big-power four-wheeler you will need to pre-book your vehicle at . A horde of modified motorcycles await their challenge to them. The top ten power-makers from the fifteen cars will be added together and the same from the bikes. There's already anumber of very trick cars booked in, including a Bentley, a Lamborghini and several TVRs.

Each vehicle will have two full power runs on the rollers to determine maximum power. Entry into the competition will cost £25 to assist in trophy purchasing & the BBQ! Winners of the horsepower shootout will get trophies, and there'll be trophies for best modified bikes & cars too!

The Power Shootout will be taking place on the Big CC Open Day where free technical help will be on hand for turbocharged, supercharged and nitrous applications. All of which are the specialty of Big CC Racing. An onsite BBQ and warm drinks are available as well as one of the country's biggest gathering of forced induction motorcycles you will witness!

More details from Big CC

Friday, 28 August 2009

Top Gear Superstore Mega Sale

Next weekend, the 5th and 6th of September, Top Gear Superstore are holding a mega sale weekend for visiting customers. All the info is on the flyer, so get your arse down there for really cheap stuff and things.

Thursday, 27 August 2009


SF188 is printed and is on its way to subscribers now. Each copy is winging its way through the postal system like a waxed polecat, and contains a very special GIA-framed bike, coverage from the Bulldog Bash, a gorgeous GSX EFE, a supercharged ZRX from Deutschland, a special feature on the Skard4Life stunt crew and loads more...

In newsagents Thurs 3rd September...

SF 188 Fighting Talk

Fighting Talk

The Department Of Transport has recently proposed the introduction of new road safety initiatives, one of which accords police officers the power to issue a fixed penalty for Careless Driving.

As it currently stands, if you’re caught misbehaving and the police officer suspects you of Careless Driving, you’ll be given a court summons and will be hauled up before the beak. But, under these new measures, if you admit the charge at the roadside to the officer, then they can issue you with the aforementioned fixed penalty – a £60 fine and three points on your licence. It saves you having to go to court and limits the damage – in court you could get up to nine points and a much larger fine – so, on the face of it, it sounds like a reasonable idea. But there’s a serious flaw...

Read the full transcript in SF188, in the shops next Thursday...

Devilz Jumble

The loonies at Devilzhouse up in deepest darkest Bowes (just off the A66 near Barnard Castle, an area that is not only known for the beautifuly wild open moorland, but also the superb roads) are holding their first autojumble on this Saturday, the 29th August.
Thereafter, they will have an autojumble on the last Saturday of every month.
More details on the flyer here...