Friday, 29 July 2011

Brent Cross

As regular readers of Streetfighters, you'll be very much aware that this weekend, specifically Sunday 31st July, will see all the names of the UK's streetfighting and stunt riding scenes descend on Brent Cross, in north London, for the 2011 Streetfighter & Stunt Fest, organised by us in conjunction with the Ace Cafe.
With the gates opening at 10am on Sunday, there'll be continuous entertainment laid on by the stunt competition (with entrants from all over Europe), a massive streetfighter display (with entrants, err, from all over Europe, and beyond actually), live music, drifting shows, extreme motocross and all manner of other palaver too...
Essentially, it's THE show to go to if you're a fan of streetfightered motorcycles.
See you there.

The show is in Brent Cross, north London, just off the A406 North Circular Road, just five minutes from the Ace Cafe (who, incidentally, will be holding a show party on Saturday night).
More info here

Friday, 22 July 2011


Ballistic is the only word that can describe Bill Warner's recent performance at Loring air force base in Maine, USA.
Riding his turbocharged, methanol-fuelled Hayabusa - reputed to make in the region of 1000bhp and encased in super-slippery bodywork - 'Wild Bill' recorded a new record for a 'sit on' motorcycle (as opposed o a 'streamliner') at a frankly astounding 311.94mph!

Not only was this the first run over 300mph for a true motorcycle (rather than a cigar with wheels) it also shattered Bill's old record of 278.6mph.
Fans of fat rubber will be happy to hear that Bill was running a 240 section rear tyre (on a BST carbon fibre wheel) on the 1.5 mile course.
To get an idea of just how fast that is, and how awesome the methanol Busa sounds, check out this video.

More info is available on Bill and the bike here

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

How Fast?

Not just the bikes in the footage, but the fact that the DVD review of this year's Isle of Man TT has already been completed by Duke Video, as you can see from this trailer...

How scary is that footage of John McGuinness going down Bray Hill? Answer - not as scary as some of the other footage...
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Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Subscribers will have already received the new issue of Streetfighters, number 210, complete with the free stickers (not shown in this pic), but for those of you who haven't had the foresight to become a subscriber (you obviously enjoy the walk to the shop), you now know what to look for...

With a Scorchingly trick framed Laverda gracing the cover, seven glorious pages of TT coverage, a trad but rad Gixer-engined cafe racer, a turbo Harris Magnum, a Hate-ful R6,a feisty French ZX-12R and lods more besides...