Thursday, 29 April 2010

Heavy Breather

Although Suzuki's range of oil cooled Gixers and Bandits are renowned for building crankcase pressure and thus needing crankcase breathers to be fitted, especially if in tuned form, the later water-cooled GSX-Rs and Hayabusas don't seem to have this problem.

The owner of this Hayabusa doesn't really care whether Busas need additional engine breathers or not, as he knows that breathers look really cool...

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Truth Will Out...

Okay, so the editorially-designed cover that we showed you yesterday was just MDM and Will pissing about with a printout, this is the real cover...

SF196 will be heading out to subscribers tomorrow, and will be on newsagents' shelves on Thursday 6th May.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

SF #196 with all-new cover style

Streetfighters issue #196 is looming ever closer, like a particularly fat man approaching the deep end of a swimming pool at speed.

In this edition we bring you pukka fighters from Canada, France, Finland, the USA and a special feature on Aussie specialists Extreme Creations. From closer to home we have a magnificent MV Agusta/GSX-R hybrid splashed across the centrespread with a decidedly soggy Gemma Newman, and also a gorgeous Bandit 600 fighter, a GSX1400 from the project maestros at Just Motorcycles, the lowdown from Straightliners Round 1 and updates from our various project bikes, not to mention tales of glory and disaster with our adopted circuit racers.

Essential reading. Get yourself one bought and surf the chubby jumper’s bow wave all the way to motorcycling happiness…

And here's what happens when the Editorial Team co-operate on the production of the cover... Better, innit?

Monday, 26 April 2010

Bitsa Kaw

Here at Streetfighters, we've got a soft spot for this kind of bike. Built up with a selection of disparate parts, with the sole intention of the end result being a unique, performance-orientated motorcycle that is the epitomy of what the owner wants in two-wheeled transport.

Tres cool...

Friday, 23 April 2010

Trumpet Stunt It

It seems that Britain's only remaining motorcycle manufacturer is starting to gain favour with the mono-wheelers and tyre-destroyers amongst us, as not only is pro stunter Kevin Carmicheal riding Triumphs now (including the behemoth Rocket 3), but also Straightliners stunt champion Paul Hanks has turned to the Hinckley triples!
This pic shows Scot loon Carmicheal at the Scottish motorcycle show last month...

Watch out for Hanksy on his Speed Triple at the next round of the Straightliners Stunt Championship at Elvington on 31st July and 1st August as part of the Wings and Wheels weekend.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Fast Fields

You may remember the two Fields Performance Hayabusas built and raced by father and son team Mike Sr and Mike Jr that we featured back in issue 189. Here's the elder Fields in action on the TV show 'Passtime' as aired on the Speed TV channel... how come we never get telly like that in Blighty?...

And did you notice the stickers courtesy of our US West Coast freelancer?

She Didn't Like Her Football...

... But she loved her 'Uddersfield!
This Sunday, the 25th April, sees Penny Farthing Fairs run the Huddersfield Autojumble at the grade 2-listed, ex-fish market in the Old Market Building in Brook Street, Huddersfield (postcode HD1 1RG for those au fait with modern technology, and right next to Tesco, just off the ring road for those of you who ain't).
With admission at just £2.50, it's an opportunity to get any last minute detailing parts for the new riding season, or with pitches starting from £16, the ideal opportunity to flog all the excess swag you've collected over winter...

Monday, 12 April 2010

How Will You Vote?

As our editorial witterings have mentioned, the United Kingdom will be facing a general election within a month.
On May 6th, all us grown-ups (who aren't certified or locked up) can vote. Many of the general public rate the voting procedure as 'a waste of time', but we would be in no place to complain about a future political situation if we hadn't placed our 'x' on a peice of paper...
Naturally, we should all be ensuring that we vote for the party with the best two-wheeled credentials, but this interesting little brew time survey may give you a surprise.
You want to know how your believes should affect the way you vote? - have a look here

Friday, 9 April 2010

Catch Tank

While we don't tend to refer to those four-wheeled contraptions much here at Streetfighters, very occasionally we'll see something on a car that is of interest. Invariably it's a turbo or a neat wheel that would fit on a single sided swinging arm, but there's also a few aftermarket goodies for the performance car market that can be shanghai'd for use on a bike.
Take, for example, this catch tank from Car Builder Solutions, neat innit? And dirt cheap at the current half price deal of just £28...
More details from Car Builder Solutions

Thursday, 8 April 2010

SF 195 Fighting Talk

While we might already have made mention of the forthcoming General Election on the pages of Streetfighters, an actual date still hasn’t been announced (Note, it hadn't when we first wrote this piece - it has now, it's May 6th) on which the great unwashed (well, those who can be bothered, anyway) can drag themselves down to their local town hall/primary school/public toilet and exercise their hard-won, inalienable right to scrawl a pencilled ‘X’ in a box on a piece of paper. What is clear, however, is that the election must be held by the 3rd of June, though it’s become blindingly obvious that the current Labour government is hell bent on clinging to power until the very last possible moment…

Irrespective of precise timings, all of the political prattle is exceedingly dull, and even the possibility of a ‘hung parliament’ is nowhere near as exciting as it sounds, so we decided that those who have the potential to be in power come June could do with some alternative suggestions as to how they can repay the people who will have put them there – the Great British Public. After a spot of brain-storming (read, forty minutes and twenty quid spent in the pub), we came up with the 2010 Streetfighters Manifesto, which is displayed in the new issue.
Please make your comments!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Streetfighters - New Policy Shift

It's been brought to our attention many times over the years that our particular brand of 'humour' has, on occasion, veered far to close to male chauvinism and sexism.

After a number of official complaints we have now been warned by the Press Complaints Commission that our manner is "outdated, shallow and a relic of a byegone age where women were seen as second-rate citizens...".

Also under fire is our use of topless models, branded "sickening, exploitative and borderline pornographic," by the PCC. And the models themselves apparently are "artificial-looking and not a fair representation of the average female's figure, build or style".

Of course, this is all bollocks to us, but they have us over a barrel. As a result, from the next issue, things will be changing. Our models will now be treated with the respect we'd give our own mothers, and will no longer be seen as beautiful pneumatic babes which we pay to take their clothes off. During topless sessions, MDM will only be able to direct the photographic action by viewing with a mirror, otherwise he'll turn to stone for all eternity. And Stu will not be allowed to attend shoots at all any more in case his "Oops, I slipped" tactic for copping a quick feel causes any offence.

As for me? I vow to treat all our models with maximum respect. I will enquire about their health, education and hobbies in a strictly cordial manner and will never, ever, ever view any of them as a sex object or anything less than an intelligent human being. Even when they're butt naked.

We hope for the understanding and support of our readership at this difficult time.

Respectfully enquiring about the details of Hollie's private health insurance plan, yesterday.

Manchester Show

It's Easter Weekend ahead of us and, with the weather seemingly reverting back to proper spring weather instead of the wintery glitch that hit the north of the country at the start of this week, many of you will be looking for somewhere bike-orientated to go.
While there's British Superbikes at Brands Hatch, and the first round of ACU drag racing at Santa Pod, they will be susceptible to spring showers, and there will be other rounds later in the year... However, the Manchester Motorcycle Show at the G-Mex in (surprise, surprise) Manchester is predominantly indoors so you have cover from any potential precipitation, yet have the opportunity to bask in any spring sunshine while watching the outdoor stuntshow and bike training. And, if you are a BSB fan you'll be able to watch qualifying from Brands Hatch on Sunday and, if you're one of those twisted weirdos with a fascination with balls and men in shorts, the Manchester United v Chelsea game will be aired on the Saturday.

Outside, the Vertical Trix stunt team will be abusing their Kawasaki ZX-6R stunt bikes, and displaying the sort of talents seen in the booming UK stunt scene, and they're also bringing along their wheelie machine - available for all to try!

Also inside will be the Steve Colley trials stunt show, plus all the usual trade, clothing, tool, merchandise and club stands. Naturally, the Streetfighters stand will also be in attendance, with a variety of modified machinery to drool over, including the bike that was given a sneak preview in the new issue (on sale in newsagents today, or at the show!)in the Next Month piece...