Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Okay, so it's a four cylinder engine running on bio-diesel, but I still bet you can't watch this without saying "Fuck!"

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Concept stunt bike!

Yamaha Moto-Cage Six

Yamaha's XJ600-based Moto-Cage Six concept is a machine which would be intended specifically for stunt riders. 

After scrutinising the pics closely, we can see loads of stunt-friendly additions such as the rear hand brake levers, double rear calipers, crash cage, chunky Vans-friendly footpegs (including those on the front wheel spindle), heavy crash protection, an enormous wheelie-friendly rear sprocket, tail scraper plate and even gripmat surfaces on the tailpiece and fuel tank. It was displayed at Cologne complete with wrecked rear tyre, giving it instant cool points.

It’s a concept, so sadly it’ll probably never see production, but it does show how stunt riding is now turning heads at the top of the industry. And if you ever do make it, Yamaha, we want first dibs on testing one please.

Streetfighters photoshoot w/ Cabbie's Blade & Chloe Goodman

*HD available - click the cog up there for resolution options*

Cabbie's turbocharged Honda FireBlade streetfighter 'Boxer' in the studio with Chloe Goodman, for Streetfighters Magazine. 

Photography: Rob Irving

Music: 'Girls' by Colour - purchase full version here: http://www.beatport.com/artist/colour/241629

Streetfighters SF#226 on sale November 1st 2012.

Tomorrow morning, letterboxes all over the country and beyond will be graced with the presence of Streetfighters #226.

On cover and spread it’s Cabbie’s ‘Boxer’ with the gorgeous Chloe Goodman, whilst inside we’ve got a whole load of beautiful machines including Minxy’s GSX, a beautiful Dutch GSX-R, the Pussuki, Jon Henley’s bright orange GSX and loads more. We’ve also got event coverage from FighterFest 2012 and the Monsters Race, and road racer Nigel Rea takes the long way down from Lands End to John O’ Groats on a modified C90…

In addition we’ve got all the regular news, products, race reports from Bemsee Thunderbikes, Straightliners and UEM, Jet Metal, project updates on Project Procrastinate and Project BF&I, and basically a whole shitload of cool high performance modified motorbike stuff.

Subscribers should get them tomorrow and it’ll be on shelf next Thursday November 1st.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Easiest Stunt...

... is undoubtedly the burnout. As shown in this video...

Extreme Performance Bike Weekend

This weekend, the 6th and 7th October, sees the UK's biggest bike only drag race meeting of the year, at Santa Pod Raceway.
With both the ACU and Straightliners championships having their final rounds at this meeting, as well as the national Association of SuperTwins, racing will be hard fought and, in spite of it being October, the meeting has, historically, seen some record-breaking times and speeds.
The ACU Superstreet class is, as far as we're concerned, the highlight, with records set to be pushed yet again, and street-based motorcycles, running on street tyres with a footprint the same size as your palm, are running over the quarter mile in under 7.2 seconds, with terminal speeds in excess of 200mph!
More details from www.santapod.com