Monday, 13 May 2013

A reluctant announcement.

Dear Streetfighters readers,

It’s our gut-wrenchingly sad duty to inform you that Streetfighters Magazine has become another victim of the recession, so the June issue (#232) was the last to be published in the form you’ve come to expect.

However, you don’t get shot of us quite that easily, because Streetfighters will be returning to the ample bosom from whence it came and continue as a 32-page supplement inside our sister custom bike title, Back Street Heroes, starting with the July issue (BSH #351) which goes on sale at the beginning of June. Inside you'll find the best high performance custom machines, hand-picked for publication, to whet your whistles like only Streetfighters Mag can.

All subscribers will be receiving separate correspondence relating to their options as far as their subs go – where you can either switch your sub to BSH, or request a refund for the remaining balance of your subscription.

FighterFest UK will be going ahead as planned, and Streetfighters merchandise will be available as normal from G&J Merchandise via the magazine website.

All of us at SF Towers, past and present, want to thank our loyal readers, contributors, industry colleagues and friends for their continued support over the last twenty-two years. We'll no doubt see you all on the road at some point in the future – and, of course, at FighterFest UK in September.

The Streetfighters Crew