Wednesday, 26 May 2010

More Swollen Glands

Inveterate bike builder and all-round loon, Roland Sands, has revamped his website and got himself a regular blog too!
While he has been known to build the occasional hard-tailed choppery type thing, it's the performance-orientated, cafe racer and flat-tracker influenced bikes that he creates that really float our boat, like this beauty, christened the 'BuHell'.

More info and updates on Roland's site here including this sweet little KTM cafe racer.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Damp Fizzing

Those blokes 'of a certain age' will have a soft spot for Yamaha's 50cc FS1E - the bike that, for many, was their introduction to motorcycles. More than just a moped, the Fizzie had gears and, in the right hands, could be tuned to hit 60mph, so those that had, or lusted after, a Fizzie when they were a spotty teenage oik will like these pics.
And before you all start whining about how a Seventies two squeak shouldn't be on the Streetfighters blog, take a closer look at the pics...

... and in particular have a look at the engine...

Remember that the original FS1E was air-cooled, and then marvel at the work that's been put into this little wonder. It's far more modified than m,any of the Bandit or GSX-R 'streetfighters' that we see on the roads...
This bike was spotted at the last Straightliners round at Elvington, and is a timely reminder that next Sunday, the 23rd May, sees the next round of the championship return to Elvington airfield near York, with all eleven classes taking part. More info here or here

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Tyne Tunnel Troubles

This next Saturday, May 22nd, the South East Northumberland wing of the Motorcycle Action Group are holding a demonstration against tolls being charged to motorcyclists who wish to travel through the tunnel under the river Tyne, a move which directly contradicts the congestion-busting abilities of motorcycles and means that we have to pay to hear the wonderful noise that a free-flowing pipe makes in a tunnel...
The demo begins at the Washington Wetland centre, Washington, Tyne and Wear, NE38 8LE at 11an sharp. more details can be found here or by emailing

Monday, 17 May 2010

Supermarket Superstreet

Following on from the previous post, there's a way where you can get to see the unmissable Superstreet class at their potential best at this year's Main Event at Santa Pod effectively for nothing!
By using your Tesco Club Card points (or, more likely, those of your wife / girlfirend / mother / sister / daughter / sheep) you can get tickets for Monday of the Main Event (that's the 31st May).
The novel move – an industry first – means just £9 worth of Club Card vouchers is all it takes for one ticket for the entire day, to watch over 250 of the quickest and most dramatic racing teams in Europe battle head-to-head in stunning machinery that can hit over 300 mph in under 5 seconds!
The Main Event has become well known as a superb family day out, with a real emphasis on all-round entertainment as well as the pinnacle of motorsport action. Kids can also enjoy free paddock access to meet the drivers, stunt show, Monster Trucks, kids’ entertainers, a full sized funfair and even a WW2 battle Of Britain memorial flight. Basically, something for everyone!
For more details on the event, please click Santa Pod or call the team on 01234 782828.
For more details on the Tesco Club Card offer, please click

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Superstreet blog

Those of you who follow the British drag racing scene may be interested in a new blog being posted on the Eurodragster website by ex-outlaw builder and drag fan extraodinaire Stephen Moon.
It's following the build-up of tensions in the Superstreet Bike class as we approach the Main Event at Santa Pod, the biggest drag race meeting of the year in the UK, and the one meeting at which we're likley to see track conditions that match those at which the astounding 7.1 second quarters have been recorded by equal bikes in the States.
Will the American times be matched? Will a new UK record be set? Get up-to-the-minute gossip here