Friday, 14 August 2009

North Wales Invasion

It's been no great secret that the North Wales police don't really like motorcycles, given that they've clamped down on noisy pipes, small plates and dark visors over the last six years or so. And the comments made by their old chief, Brunstrom, weren't particularly encouraging either.
So, with this in mind, Motorcycles News have decided to 'Reclaim North Wales' by descending upon the region in early September. The plan is to get thousands of motorcyclists into the region, to defy the lcoal police's treatment of bikers (a procedure that is decribed by other forces as 'enforce and displace').
The North Wales police admit to stopping up to 400 motorcyclists every summer weekend, where other forces state that they stop about 1000 in a whole year! North Wales' Deputy Chief Constable, Clive Wolfendale, has previously suggested banning motorcycles from National Parks...
The Reclaim North Wales campaign has the backing of the BMF and MAG, and now us too!
Rather conveniently, the date that MCN have chosen is September 13th, the same day that we are holding our Streetfighters Sunday at Lynn's Raven Cafe at Prees, near Whitchurch, just a spit from the Welsh border.
So, it would be perfectly feasible to go to the Streetfighters Sunday in the morning, have a full and hearty breakfast, and depart in time to get to the first meeting point, just 35 miles away, at the Ponderosa cafe on the Horseshoe Pass (A542) just outside Llangollen at high noon, or have a leisurely lunch and head to the big gathering in Betws-y-Coed at 4pm.
Reclaim North Wales

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