Thursday, 10 September 2009

Streetfighters Sunday, Prees

Sunday 13th September, yes, this weekend, is time for another Streetfighters Sunday at Lynn's Raven Cafe in Prees, just south of Whitchurch in Shropshire.
Kicking off just in time for an early Full English (ie about 8am, which is early enough for anyone on a Sunday morning), there'll be the usual variety of 'fighters from across the UK, with an additional element added by the fact that this SF Sunday coincides with the run into North Wales organised by Motorcycle News in their 'Reclaim North Wales' campaign.
With an initial meeting point at Llangollen (about 30 miles from the SF Sunday venue) at noon, followed by a gathering at the Swallow Falls Hotel in Betws-y-Coed at 4pm, MCN are using the demo as a lever to force the North Wales constabulary to stop their unfair approach towards motorcyclists on their patch.
Naturally, due to the North Wales coppers 'rigid' approach towards those folk travelling on powered two-wheelers, it is imperitive that you are 100% legal if you want to join the demo, so that means small plates, loud pipes and dark visors will be a no-no, but then that's been the case for anyone riding the roads of North Wales for years anyway...
Go to Here to read up on what you can do if you're stopped...

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