Thursday, 15 October 2009

Anglesey Builders?

Spotted by eagle-eyed compulsive bloggist, Blue at BSH, this small news item was clocked in a Welsh newspaper and brought to our attention:-

"BIKERS on Anglesey can get a masterclass on building street fighter motorbikes next week.
The Anglesey Motorcycle Club is hosting a special meeting in the bar of the Anglesey Circuit race track, Ty Croes, on Monday at 7pm.
Guest speakers are Tim Holland and Ben Jones, who specialise in the building of street fighter bikes.
A club spokesman said: “This is a fantastic chance to listen to people with real expertise and ask any questions they might have about their own projects. The event is completely free to all.”

Regular readers of Streetfighters will recognise Tim Holland's name - he's had a number of feature bikes, including a gorgeous Spondon GSX-R 1000 - although the news piece doesn't mention any kind of contact details, so you'll just have to wing it and turn up!

1 comment:

  1. What a brilliant night this was!! It was my first pro bike build and I got a chance 2 show it off next to Tim's machines, we went on to talk about how we both got into bike building and about our machines, I really enjoyed the night and it sparked alot of intrest in the bike club. Hopefully be seeing more streetfighter enthusiast's and bikes in the near future. The night gave me that much of a buzz I have already started on my next project. Contact me Ben Jones on 07908531795 or