Tuesday, 2 February 2010

SF 193 Fighting Talk

"With the forthcoming election slowly but surely becoming the top news item in tabloids, broadsheets and on t’ telly, as responsible adults we should be studying the reports, watching the party political broadcasts, and reading all the pre-election waffle on the throwaway flyers that are punted out by the various parties.
But of course, despite us all being very responsible adults, we ignore the propaganda and hype, and just scrawl our mark in the box for whoever we usually vote for, if, indeed, we go as far as actually voting...
Besides, there are only two parties that are truly in the running, and as time goes by, they’re becoming one and the same with regards to policies, leading to a situation that makes many people despondent – “What’s the point in voting?” and “Why complain? They’re not listening.” are just two phrases that crop up when politics are the conversation. And while sitting around and moaning is certainly the easy option, and one that we English are particularly good at, it’s not very proactive is it?..."

See the full transcript in the new issue of Streetfighters, out now. And then come back here and make a comment...

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