Wednesday, 24 March 2010

John Britten

Astoundingly, it's nearly fifteen years since the world lost John Britten, the Kiwi engineer and innovator, although his legacy continues not just in the legendary race bikes that he built, but in the way that they have influenced race (and road) bike design.
John Britten was an astounding man, and not just in the motorcycles that he built. The video that you can see here shows John at work on his bikes - fascinating footage of a revolutionary thinker at work, and inspiration for anyone who's interested in engineeering, the way he produced the bodywork shapes for example - and is also an insight into what he was capable of making aside from racing bikes.
Crap taste in jumpers though...

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  1. The man was a GOD... simple as - and the world a shitt*er place for his passing.

    God speed JB.