Wednesday, 26 May 2010

More Swollen Glands

Inveterate bike builder and all-round loon, Roland Sands, has revamped his website and got himself a regular blog too!
While he has been known to build the occasional hard-tailed choppery type thing, it's the performance-orientated, cafe racer and flat-tracker influenced bikes that he creates that really float our boat, like this beauty, christened the 'BuHell'.

More info and updates on Roland's site here including this sweet little KTM cafe racer.


  1. RSD is one of the few genuinely original bike builders in the states. Most of his projects that I've seen involve some sort of fresh thinking & with backing from his Dad's parts business he has the freedom to experiment & the contacts & resources to make it happen. Dream scenario really.

  2. thats freekin' loverly....wish my ol' man would let me fook around with bikes all day....

    ....oh, erm...he does, thanks pops.