Thursday, 8 July 2010

No Mind Reading Here

We were concerned that the 'heads' in the higher floors of the Canada Square building were reading our thoughts, but we discovered a way to stop them...

Will is also convinced that a diet of thinly-spread poo on bread is a cure for all ills...


  1. How come you two look like the Goodies?

    MDM looks like Bill Oddie in that brown hat!

  2. ....easy peasy to read the minds of nutters....hear goes....[puts fingers on temples and makes face like straining one out]

    mdm......''wish i had the time to finish at least one of my bikes''

    will......''does my orangotang realy love me as much as i love her''

  3. Bloody 'ell, the hats don't keep Viz out...
    And what do you mean 'nutters'?...