Monday, 25 October 2010


Streetfighters issue 202 is grinding its way through the printing presses as we speak, ready for departure on Pat's van on Thursday to head to subscribers front door mats.
Containing dynamic pics of streetfightered motorcycles from aroud the globe (the Blackbird on the cover, an LC from the Midlands, a Gixer from the east coast, an ultra trick GSX1400, a Katana-style Bandit, a Yam from the flatlands of Holland and one of the maddest GSX-Rs you've ever seen, amongst others) reports from the European Stunt Competition and north-east America's FighterFest, plus the regular updates on drag racing, circuit racing and the onrunning project bikes, it's essential bedtime reading for the cold Autumn evenings...
SF202, on sale in newsagents from Thursday November 4th.

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