Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Obituary of a CBR...

Faithful readers (as, no doubt, you all are) will have already seen the feature on Jon 'CBRRRT' Lungley's Blade in SF203...

However, given that we are limited in the number of pages we have each month, we don't get chance to tell you about all the issues encountered during the build. Rather conveniently, Jon ran a build thread on his Blade on the Custard Fighters forum - here as well as at the upside-downies forum at
Being the friendly, co-operative type, Jon has also ran a thread on how easy it is to fit a single-sided swinging arm into a Honda FireBlade, and that's here


  1. Custard Fighters lmfaro. CBRRRT. Thanks lads for the Validation. SF mag is the TITS.

  2. Pert and perky, full and wholesome I assume?