Friday, 22 July 2011


Ballistic is the only word that can describe Bill Warner's recent performance at Loring air force base in Maine, USA.
Riding his turbocharged, methanol-fuelled Hayabusa - reputed to make in the region of 1000bhp and encased in super-slippery bodywork - 'Wild Bill' recorded a new record for a 'sit on' motorcycle (as opposed o a 'streamliner') at a frankly astounding 311.94mph!

Not only was this the first run over 300mph for a true motorcycle (rather than a cigar with wheels) it also shattered Bill's old record of 278.6mph.
Fans of fat rubber will be happy to hear that Bill was running a 240 section rear tyre (on a BST carbon fibre wheel) on the 1.5 mile course.
To get an idea of just how fast that is, and how awesome the methanol Busa sounds, check out this video.

More info is available on Bill and the bike here

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