Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Essex Police camera bikes - "extremely successful" - hmm...

Have a read of this article, from the Essex Police website:

And watch the video:

Wethinks the plod got this one wrong. The article says: "The covert patrols and RIDE courses have been launched following a significant increase in the number of serious road collisions involving motorcycles. Between January 1, 2011 and April 12, 2011, three riders died and 42 were seriously injured, compared with three fatalities and 30 serious injuries in the same period last year."

But the cop in the video says (at 1:05ish): "It's been extremely effective, since the beginning of 2011 more than 60 bikes have been stopped using this scheme..."

So it is only since the introduction of these camera bikes that the sharp increase has occurred. Using police logic, you could argue that this initiative has caused an extra twelve casualties in 2011. It certainly isn't the "extremely effective" and "extremely successful" initiative they say it is. An increase of twelve casualties seems rather a failure, that is if you're actually concerned with the safety of motorcyclists.

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  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha Well spotted!! The bastards.