Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Monster Girls!

We like Monster energy drinks.
Not especially because they taste nice, nor that they help us stay awake when heading home from events like Fighterama and Motorcycle Live.
No, we like them because they sponsor the things, and people, that we like, and that they organise things like this...

This is the Monster Girl line-up for 2012 - the selection of lithesome lovelies that'll be promoting the brand at events across Europe throughout the next year. Wonderful ain't it?
Events covering diverse extreme spoerts such as MotoGP, Superbikes, supermoto, MTB, BMX, surf, snow, skate, WRC, snowmobiles, SX, insane distance jumping, MX, off-road, trials and FMX - you'll be seeing the Monster girls at them all. How did they find such stunning totty?

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