Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Streetfighters #218

Now winging its way to subscribers via the tireless Streetfighters carrier pigeons, and shortly to be found on shelf in your local newsagents (next Thursday, the 1st March, to be precise), Streetfighters #218 is our most recent magazine-shaped cake yet!

The first thing in the mixing bowl is our main ingredient; six pages of Dean’s GSX-R 1000 K8, an exercise in reinventing the sports bike as an immaculate, extremely high performance naked roadgoer. Then we add half a fluid ounce of coverage from the French Monsters Race series, one generous scoop of Irish GIA-framed GSX-R, half an organic free range turbocharged Z1R (beaten with a whisk before adding), three liberal pinches of Dazz’s turbocharged competition wheelie bike, and finally Rob Bean’s Spondon GSX-R race bike is folded in until the consistency of old leather shoes is achieved.

Once risen and golden brown across the top, we glaze with a liberal brushing of KTM 690 Duke roadtesting, dust with coverage from the Ace Café USA event and garnish with a mint Italian TVR250 supermotard. Then we serve with the usual fattening, but wholesome selection of creamy news, custardy products, reviews, fresh opinions, preserved apologies and any vaguely gastronomical cake-like wankery that we think is good.

Streetfighters – it’s not a fairy cake. Right?

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