Monday, 30 April 2012


Issue 220 celebrates twenty years of the Honda FireBlade, although rather than merely listing the numerous changes to Honda's lithe sportsbike of the last couple of decades (as other publications have done), we present you five vastly different ways of customising the CBR. From Ed's turbo / nitrous coverbike, to a barking mad German creation, inspiration for your 900RR is within these pages. And, of course, there's numerous other feature bikes, race reports, news and tech features. SF220, in subscribers' grubby hands now, and in the newsagents from Thursday 3rd May.


  1. What happened to issue 219?

  2. Yeah, we forgot to post a pic of that... ahem. Still, it did exist, honest!

  3. I never saw it in the newsagent, 220 was the first of my subscription!