Tuesday, 4 September 2012

We have some very sad news.

Antoine Collignon, of Street Monsters magazine and the Monsters Race series, died on Sunday after an accident during the Monsters Race at Le Vigeant. The race was red flagged immediately after the accident and the meeting closed.

Antoine was much admired by us all at the magazine. We published his amazing streetfighter cartoons in the days before he created and released the magazine Street Monsters, and then he set up the awesome Monsters Race series too. The global SF scene has lost a truly iconic figure and a driving force, and the nicest, most modest, unassuming guy you could ever wish to meet. 

We offer our deepest condolences to Antoine's father and family, the Street Monsters crew, the Monsters Racers and to all Antoine's friends.


Adieu Artkore.

Please post comments about Antoine below. The thread will be printed out tomorrow night (Wednesday evening) and presented to Antoine's family at the funeral by MDM, Stu Garland and myself, who will be attending. 


  1. Your unbridled enthusiasm and passion will be missed a great deal. Your knowledge and many, many talents are lost to us now though your ideas and vision will continue for years to come.
    You touched many lives in many walks of life and never have I heard some one say a bad word about you. That's a very rare thing and something your family will be proud of. Ride safe Antoine you will be missed. Wurzle

  2. Terribly sad news, and our son will be sad that Antoine is gone. Please know that he made a big difference in his sport, and his impact on other people. Prayers to the family.

  3. Such a terrible loss, one of the greatest ambassador's to our culture, where we followed our scene you led it with such determination taking streetfighters far and wide making it so global for that sir I salute you.
    I don't doubt for one second that your showing them how it's done in the afterlife
    R.I.P Artklore (ride in peace)

  4. Vous étiez un homme tranquille qui fait tant de bruit, qui a touché tant de gens et qui laissera un énorme fossé. Ce fut un plaisir de vous avoir rencontré - et d'avoir parlé de BSA de toutes choses! Antoine, parti trop tôt.

    Avec l'amour de nous chez BSH.

  5. Such a sad loss. Not only friends and family, but also the thousands of people who have been inspired and entertained by Antoine, his artwork and his magazine.

    the tears will pass, but your legacy will live on.


  6. You were a worldwide legend to many my friend. Your work will live on, be sure of that.

    Ride on.

    Si - ASF - Australia