Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Concept stunt bike!

Yamaha Moto-Cage Six

Yamaha's XJ600-based Moto-Cage Six concept is a machine which would be intended specifically for stunt riders. 

After scrutinising the pics closely, we can see loads of stunt-friendly additions such as the rear hand brake levers, double rear calipers, crash cage, chunky Vans-friendly footpegs (including those on the front wheel spindle), heavy crash protection, an enormous wheelie-friendly rear sprocket, tail scraper plate and even gripmat surfaces on the tailpiece and fuel tank. It was displayed at Cologne complete with wrecked rear tyre, giving it instant cool points.

It’s a concept, so sadly it’ll probably never see production, but it does show how stunt riding is now turning heads at the top of the industry. And if you ever do make it, Yamaha, we want first dibs on testing one please.

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