Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Dymag Wheels

Seems that, after Micron Exhausts were dragged under the tumultous waters of the banking industry, another British manufacturer needs a bouyancy aid...
"Dymag Racing UK has entered into a Chapter 11 situation, and is under bank administration at this time. The bank has decreed that all orders in the system and all new orders will fall under new pricing set by the bank the price increase is 35% on Automobile wheels and 20% on Motorcycle wheels across the board.
Dymag will continue to take orders under the new price schedule but will not honour any old pricing.
Please feel free to contact Dymag direct to confirm and ask for: Simon Rowe, Joint Administrator
Simon Rowe and Roger Isaacs, joint administrators, act as agents for the company without personal liability."

1 comment:

  1. CSA Ventures of Singapore, has acquired the assets of Dymag Racing’s motorcycle wheel business including all tooling, designs and inventory.

    The products will be re-launched in March 2010. Initially only the Classic 3 spoke and 5 Spoke, Forged Aluminium 7 Spoke wheels also available. Carbon wheels are not available at this time.

    See www.csaperformancewheels.com for more information on pricing and availability. Pre-orders are being accepted, for delivery in mid to late April 2010.

    Chris Shelley, MD - CSA Ventures.