Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Jet Metal at NEC

Those of you have receive Andy Sparrow's Jet Metal news letters will have already seen this, but for thoser of you who are yet to subscribe, have a gander over the following:-
"I've just got back from the Bike Show at the NEC.
I was so late with my next episode of Jet Metal that I set up my board on the stand and drew. I became a kind of feature of the stand and people came over and watched and chatted, which was nice. I met many old[er] Bloodrunners fans, but also many young[er] readers of Jet Metal too, which was very gratifying.
The stickers were a big hit. I was surprised at how well they went. The "Who is Jack Shit?" one is almost gone already, and we got a lot of requests to bring back that t-shirt design, so we will probably, in the spring.
T-shirt sales went okay for us, but as always, we were left with some large piles of certain designs, that had sold well the first weekend, then, when replenished for the next weekend, sold none! So, I'm putting these in the shop at a special discount. Check 'em out at Normal price for a T-shirt is £13.99.
We almost ran out of "Immortals" and "Fates" but we're getting some more printed this week. I've taken off the sizes we don't have at the moment.
I've re-vamped the episode guide for Jet Metal
and am about to add another episode in a day or two, so check back soon.
Anyway I hope you have a good end to your year and a happy new one.
Andy Sparrow"

Breeze over to Jet Metal for more stuff...

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