Tuesday, 29 June 2010

SF198 Fighting Talk

It’s nothing new for the daily papers to print shite. Most of them regularly assail their readers with half-arsed and irredeemably trivial ‘news’ stories, which jostle for position with TV reality show exclusives or paparazzi upskirt shots of the latest celebrity pop tartlet.

And, more dangerously, the media is able to manipulate public opinion to suit an agenda, and indeed can be powerful enough to influence the decisions of Government. Take, for example, the rapid, knee-jerk banning of mephedrone after a hysterical media-led outcry, almost entirely based on speculation and relying less on hard facts than your average Enid Blyton book.

So, when motorcycles recently came under the scrutiny of one particular ‘journalist’ seeking to provoke a sensationalist reaction from the public, we decided enough was enough. Enter stage left Paul Routledge, professional busybody and Mirror columnist (and gobshite…MDM).

Read the rest of this Fighting Talk in Streetfighers issue 198, on newsagents shelves from Thursday July 1st, and then make your comments here!

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