Thursday, 24 June 2010


Those of you wise enough to subscribe to Streetfighters (thus saving money, getting yourself a cool and froody gift and receiving the magazine early) will hear the soft 'plop' of SF198 as it hits your doormat tomorrow morning (or Saturday if Pat is being lazy). It'll be a slightly louder 'plop' than usual, as issue 198 comes complete with free stickers!
Aside from the freebies, there are features on perhaps the most powerful Yamaha v-twin in the world, three tricked-up Kawasaki Zeds, a triumverate of modded Gixers, a race rep 400, a 'fightered Hayabusa, a blinged R1 and a radical Suzuki Kettle, plus all the regular news, products and racing and project updates as well as a pull-out guide to the biggest streetfighting event of 2010, the Streetfighters 7 STunt Festival at Wembley on July 25th!
And those of you too short-sighted to have subscribed will have to wait until Thursday July 1st to be able to get your mag from the newsagent...

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