Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Dirty Speed

While the boys in blue consider any speed to be naughty, especially anything over 70mph, just have a think about how fast 252mph must feel like. Then think about what it must be like when that speed is achieved when riding, not on supersmooth runway-type tarmac, but on the dusty, dry dirt surface of El Mirage in southern California...
That was the speed that John Noonan (main main at JE Pistons) recorded on the 1.3 mile dry lake bed course of El Mirage, when he rode the Hayabusa prepped by Brock Davidson of Brocks Performance.
The final tally was 252.035mph, which is the fastest speed for any vehicle this year at El Mirage, and the Big CC turbo-equipped Suzuki now holds the record for the fastest bike speed on dirt (albeit 20mph lower than the top speed acheived on tarmacadam).
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Pic by Zane McNary

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