Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Speed & Wheelie Weekend

Only handful of days left to go before this year's Wheelie and Speed Records weekend at Elvington airfield, just outside York.
With the wheelie speed record currently sat at 174mph, and with at least four turbo Gixer Thous set to compete, plus Dodge on his supercharged Hayabusa, could 2010 see a new record at last?

With regards to the top speed attempts, we've seen over 250mph at ELvington before, courtesy of Jarrod 'Jack' Frost of Holeshot Racing, and with a greater numberof landpseed specific bikes being built of late, it looks like we'll be seeing plenty more machines capable of over four miles in a minute...
Elvington plays host to mono and two-wheeled speed freaks on Saturday 21st August and Sunday 22nd August, and the airfiled can be found just off the B1228
More details on 200mph

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