Wednesday, 11 May 2011

First Loser?

While the title of this post may not be considered to be an especially polite way of congratulating someone in attaining a First Runner-Up prize, here at SF Towers we've never been especially polite (except to the cleaners and Paula our office assistant, who keeps us fuelling with butties and ridiculously-strong coffee), and we also consider Lee Workman to be a close-enough friend to take a bit of ribbing.
The pic shows Mr Workman, with his haul of goodies from the London International Custom Show at Alexandra Palace back at the end of February.

Aside from the trophy, he also gained a pair of Pirelli tyres, a pair of Sartso jeans from Wild & Wicked, a token towards an MTC exhaust can and a Streetfighters goodie bag.
To find out who was placed just behind, and just ahead, of Lee, check out the LICS coverage in the current issue...

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