Thursday, 12 May 2011

SF208 Fighting Talk

"For those of you that either didn’t read last month’s Fighting Talk, or have a memory addled by drinks / drugs / chemicals / percussive shock, in our monthly rant at all things rubbish we dragged out the SF Towers communal soap box (it’s a Metric Leather one, we move with the times y’know, none of that Imperial rubbish) and had a good old fashioned British whine about the impending legislation that the unelected numbnuts in the European Commission are set to foist upon us.

These Euro dullards are convinced that there is an issue with vehicles being modified – more accurately, that there is a problem with restricted vehicles being altered in order to go faster and/or make more power. The nasty little side effect of their intentions being that they will, inevitably, make as big an effort as possible to pass their proposed rules and regulations onto all vehicles, neatly crushing the custom bike and car cultures (and aftermarket industries) in the process.

But maybe this Orwellian glimpse of a homogenized and bland future is just out of reach for the dictatorial Brussels buffoons? They’re going to try and justify their actions and, in order to persuade the tax-paying public (and, hence, the people who pay their wages) that their new treaties, laws and additional waffle are actually a Good Thing, they will grasp at any straw that helps them achieve their aim. More often that not this involves twisting survey results and statistics, although it seems that they’ve now stumbled on a far more mercenary way of achieving their depraved aims..."

Read the rest of this Fighting Talk in the new issue of Streetfighters, on sale in newsagents now, and then post your comments here.

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