Friday, 11 May 2012

Record Breakers?

Sunday 13th and Monday 14th are the two days set aside for those folk who're destined to get into the record books, for those two days are the first time in ages that there's been an official British Speed records meeting, as endorsed by the ACU, in the UK. The meeting is at Elvington, near York, and there is guaranteed to be a number of records broken, given the fact that it's been so long since an official records meeting was last held. There are already 21 riders signed up for the event, riding everything from 95cc scooters to full-on turbocharged Hayabusas, via barking mad two stroke cyclecars and a 2K2 turbine bike. And, unlike previous records meetings, Joe Punter can go along and spectate so, if you want to see history being made, and experience the awe of forced-induction bikes clocking over 250mph, be there! Children get in free, and the paddock is open, so you can get the insider gossip on what it is like to prepare and ride a record-breaking machine!

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