Wednesday, 23 May 2012


As I type, steam-driven printing presses manned by greasy little trolls in the deepest and darkest part of the Black Country (and boy, is it deep and dark) are churning out quite literally several copies of the latest issue of Streetfighters.
Aside from Beanie's stunning race-prepped Spondon on the cover, inside there's no less than three turbo'd bolides, a single-sided Zed (and tattooed bimbette), a lurid Gixer-engined GS, a crisp LC, fettled CB1300 and ZRX factory retros, and loads more. SF221, heading to subscribers tomorrow, and in newsagents from Thursday 31st May.

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  1. Big Thanks for publishing my 07 Gixxer!! I've been a fan of the magazine since 98. When it comes to custom fighters in the states they are a lil conservative. I dig your style!! Thanks again!!