Wednesday, 6 January 2010

NEC Extra!

Given that the Carole Nash International Motorcycle & Scooter Show 2009 (aka the NEC) show reportis in the current issue of the magazine, we feel that now is a suitable time to add a few pics from that very show, as we didn't have enough space in the mag to show you all the things we liked... or didn't.

Dodge's supercharged Hayabusa wheelie bike.

I can see a couple of things for which gravity doesn't apply...

Rob's glorious Drouin supercharged Zed.

I find the Hyde Harrier deeply desirable.

She likes the length.

A lovely new Zed Thou. Yes, it is brown, and yes it has got a snakeskin effect seat. Lovely.

The BMW Concept 6, being spied on.

Suzuki began their celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the GSX-R a bit early.

Norton's great hope, and their unfeasibly expensive wrist watch. Why?

And, finally, the gloriously loony Paul Wilkinson and his equally barking new friend.

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