Monday, 4 January 2010

New Year, New Decade...

After two full weeks out of the office, MDM and Will are back in front of a PC and frantically typing away to get some features in the bag for SF193.
Okay, so in reality we're rubbing the crust away from our eyelids, imbibing as much ultra-strong coffee as Paula (the office assistant and Brew Magnate) will make us, and plodding through dreary emails asking us where to buy Renthal bars and how to increase the size of our manhood...
Same as last year then...


  1. At least those emails aren't asking to buy your manhood and increase the size of your Renthals. Or are they...

  2. GOOD God!! sick to the pit at that thought.would anybody offer hoop ears money for his Renthal!let alone try and increase its size. Arhhh

  3. Obviously not subscribers cuz both answers can be found IN SF ahah

  4. One manhood for sale. Slightly used... Would exchange for aftermarket handlebars.