Thursday, 8 April 2010

SF 195 Fighting Talk

While we might already have made mention of the forthcoming General Election on the pages of Streetfighters, an actual date still hasn’t been announced (Note, it hadn't when we first wrote this piece - it has now, it's May 6th) on which the great unwashed (well, those who can be bothered, anyway) can drag themselves down to their local town hall/primary school/public toilet and exercise their hard-won, inalienable right to scrawl a pencilled ‘X’ in a box on a piece of paper. What is clear, however, is that the election must be held by the 3rd of June, though it’s become blindingly obvious that the current Labour government is hell bent on clinging to power until the very last possible moment…

Irrespective of precise timings, all of the political prattle is exceedingly dull, and even the possibility of a ‘hung parliament’ is nowhere near as exciting as it sounds, so we decided that those who have the potential to be in power come June could do with some alternative suggestions as to how they can repay the people who will have put them there – the Great British Public. After a spot of brain-storming (read, forty minutes and twenty quid spent in the pub), we came up with the 2010 Streetfighters Manifesto, which is displayed in the new issue.
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