Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Farmyard Power

Moo! Baa! Cluck!
It's a busy weekend coming up, and high on the priorities for many people is the Farmyard Party near Helmsley in Yorkshire.
Organised by the Motorcycle Action Group, the Farmyard is well known for its intimate atmosphere and calming rural setting.
With a mind to being prepared for the fickle Yorkshire weather (and that the site was flooded in 2005), there's more covered areas than any other British rally - with bars and eating areas all having marquees to shelter from the rain / scorching sun (delete depending on how optomistic you are), there's even a cafe area with tables, chairs, plates and real cutlery!
There's five areas of covered entertainment (bands, comedians, DJs etc), a custom bike show on Saturday afternoon, and a Streetfighters-sponsored horsepower competition, witht he winner declared at the same time that the bike show winners are announced (about 5pm on Saturday)
Unlike many rallies, the Farmyard has a 'fires field' where you can camp around a campfire (some wood is supplied!), but if you're not a pyro and want some peaceful overnight slumber, there's an area with no fires as well.

Farmyard Party

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