Friday, 26 June 2009

Horse Power

Although Aintree is better known for the Grand National, Sunday 28th June will see far more horsepower than is ever produced by the dog-meat-and-glue that normally inhabits that Lancashire venue.
While there's a focus on classic machinery, with Christian Sarron's TZ 3 1/2 and Randy Mamola's RG500 on display, there'll be a wide range of two-wheeled machinery taking to the strip. Aintree was used as the venue for the British Grand prix back in the 1950s, playing host to racers like Tommy Robb, John Surtees and Mike Hailwood, and the original start/finish straight still exists, thus allowing the continuation of motorsport at the classic venue.
Run as a joint venture between the Vintage Motor Cycle club and The Mersey Motor Cycle club, spectators and competitors can see everything from Vincent Black Shadows to turbo Suzuki Hayabusas, via sidecars and scooters, blasting down the course; there are sprint classes to suit every type and age of machinery. Day memberships for the club and sprinting licenses are available at the event.
The Aintree venue has easy access from local motorway networks, being close to the end of the M58 and M57 junction, on the A59 just north of Liverpool, and is open from 9.30am with sprinting beginning at 11.30am. Spectators pay £5 (under 16s free) and competitors entry costs £48 which will give four runs of the quarter mile course.

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